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19 Jan 2011 11:00
The project of “Internalizing Islam in Britain”
The University of Westminster and Exeter are about to compile different ideas and view points of Islamic figures around the Britain and publish it.
13 Jan 2011 14:48
Pastor to hold
The controversial Gainesville pastor who made world headlines after threatening to burn the Koran last summer is at it again.
18 Oct 2010 15:51
Islamophobia made to exploit nations
US imperialism has fabricated Islamophobia to create a pretext for waging wars and exploiting the resources of Muslim nations, an analyst says.
28 Sep 2010 14:48
Heavy shadow of Gaza on the dream of US peace
Review of speeches` Barrack Obama, president of United State of America, in two UN General Assembly indicates disappointment of Washington of Middle East peace process and inability of the country to inhibit the Zionist regime.
3 Sep 2010 17:04
World Qods Day rallies underway in Iran
Iranians all over the country in the World Qods Day rallies on Friday unanimously condemned Zionists' crimes in the Palestinian occupied lands.
28 Jul 2010 11:54
فرهاد دلق پوش
Astara representative in Parliament indicated that Mahdism culture was rich of of spirit of unity and empathy among Muslims.