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8 Mar 2012 17:31
“A story of Mossad “published
A book titled “a story of Mossad “written by Hasan Khameh Yar has been published recently.
5 Mar 2012 12:46
Books by Imam Khamenei to be translated in five languages
Five books by the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution are to be translated into English, Arabic, Spanish, French and Russian in a bid to meet the demands of the regional Muslims for more guidance.
1 Mar 2012 12:15
“Islamic Hijab” Published in Italy
A book entitled “Islamic Hijab” by Renata Bepthlli, researcher and lecturer of Polonia University, was published on February 27 by Korotca Publications in Italy
29 Feb 2012 14:41
Islamic Countries and Muslims Tour Published
A new weblog introducing Islamic countries and Muslims around the world was published by a French Muslim.
27 Feb 2012 11:59
A Book about Muslim Martyrs, Unveiled
An unveiling ceremony was held in the presence of Emad Moghnieh's daughter to disclose a 14-volume As Tough As Iron collection.
25 Feb 2012 12:25
"Ramadan for You" published in Germany
German Muslims and Islamic researchers are provided with the latest publication on the holy month of Ramadan.
16 Feb 2012 12:58
Islamophobia" conference released as a book
Institute of Culture, Arts and Communications has marketed the first print of "Islamophobia".
8 Feb 2012 10:46
Imam Khamenei
A book has recently been published in Mashad as the Revolution Incognito on the differences between Iran's Islamic Revolution and other revolutionary movements in the world in the contemporary era.
7 Feb 2012 11:50
Great Leader of Islamic Revolution
On the occasion of the 10-Day Fajr ceremonies, Iran Cultural Center in the Philippines published a special issue of its quarterly titled “Great Leader of Islamic Revolution”.
5 Feb 2012 10:32
Holy Quran in Chinese, to be unveiled
A Chinese translation of the holy Quran will be unveiled in a ceremony slated for tomorrow at Oghaf and Charity Affairs organization.
4 Feb 2012 13:38
Selected statements by Leader on Palestine
A book has recently been published in English by the Islamic Revolution Research Center on the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei's statements about Palestine.
2 Feb 2012 12:57
Iran’s Revolution Deepened Islamic Thought
The Islamic Revolution of Iran, which was led to victory by late Imam Khomeini (RA), has inspired Islamic movements and deepened Islamic thought.
29 May 2011 16:11
Book on Mahdism verses to be published
A comparative study of Qur'anic verses related to Mahdi'ism is to be published to shed more light on the topic of the last savior in Qur'an from the view of Shia and Sunni.
12 Oct 2010 13:48
Secret Jewish Book by Ali Mousavi Motlaq
The book was published on 63 pages that explained verses of Neboet Hyld book and spoke about coming The Last Prophet.