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9 Jan 2011 14:32
What is known about Jesus Christ?
Sayyid Rida Akrami discusses Jesus through Islamic sources. He shows that Islam reveres Jesus; that Muslims love Jesus as the Christians do.
12 Dec 2010 13:15
Is the Vatican willing to give legitimacy to Jewish Nazism?
Zionist leaders are pressing the Vatican to work against the "de-legitimization of Israel."
13 Nov 2010 12:52
Muslims believe that a sacred house was built in Mecca by Adam.
Islamic annual hajj pilgrimage traces its roots to Muslim-revered prophet Abraham, and Adam.
7 Nov 2010 12:20
Lauren Booth, Tony Blair`s sister-in-law.
News that Lauren Booth has converted to Islam provoked a storm of negative comments. Here she explains how it came about – and why it's time to stop patronising Muslim women
7 Oct 2010 11:24
Al Mahdi(atf) from Mohammd(s)’s progeny
The Prophet (s) said: “There will be twelve leaders Khulafa after me, all of them from Quraysh”. A thorough examination of the history of Islam clarifies any doubt about the meaning of the word “Khulafa” used by the Prophet (s), which certainly does not refer to the Caliphs who exercised temporal power ...
22 Sep 2010 10:07
Paving the Ground for the Appearance of the Savior; What Is the Main Responsibility for Those Who Await Him
The title could be the theme for a sermon in a church or a khutbah in a mosque. The title contains words of exhortation that could have come from any Christian sermon and it suggests that next there will be instruction for those who have gathered for worship and one wouldn’t be able to tell whether ...
20 Sep 2010 15:15
Some Thoughts on the Origins of Mahdism (Islamic Messianism) and its Socio-Political Function
The belief in the Last Judgment or the coming of "the Hour" and the accompanying eschatological account depicted in the Qur’ān concerning that momentous event have received exegetical elaborations in traditions ascribed to the Messenger of God.
9 Sep 2010 14:59
Imam Al-Mahdi, the Promised Saviour
From a religious perspective the concept of the Mahdi is the culmination of human struggle in their path towards God the Almighty.
14 Sep 2007 11:16
Doctrine of Mahdiism
The term “Doctrine” in the literature of religiosity, Sociology of political science is applied to a system of belies on the basis of which a number of smaller subjects and issues will be defined.