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19 Jan 2012 10:02
Bahrainis living with depression, fear
A noble Bahraini physician says the country's citizens are living in depression because of the Saudi-backed regime's crackdown on peaceful protesters and bystanders.
29 Nov 2011 15:14
Rabbi Weiss: Israel Is Rebellion against God
As media plays the major role in our world today, the Zionist entity, that has major control over it, succeeded in deceiving the world for centuries, and fabricated a new “Jewish” religion that opposes every Torah order.
16 Nov 2011 15:22
Islamophobia on rise in United States
Over ten years since the 9/11 attacks, more and more Muslims are falling victim to hate crimes in the United States.
25 Oct 2011 17:59
Arabs can learn democracy from Tunisia
Tunisians went to the polls on Sunday to elect a 217-member assembly from among more than 11 thousand candidates.
22 Sep 2011 17:40
UN is a foreign policy tool of US, West
The United Nations is an international organization which has been a foreign policy tool malleable in the hands of the US and its Western allies since WWII, says an American journalist.
28 Mar 2011 11:13
Saudi Arabia Revolution
It is an interview with Dr. Alyami about the crucial role a successful Saudi Arabian revolution could play in the Middle East and around the world if the Saudi youth were to follow the same footsteps as their Arab neighbors.
14 Feb 2011 13:43
Egyptian students are burning US and Israel flag.
Quick and swift transformations are taking place in Egypt nowadays. The speed of the transformations taking place in this Arab-African very important Islamic country raise many questions and inquiries in the minds of the public opinion. The expert on the Middle East affairs Saadallah Zarai gave us during ...
15 Nov 2010 10:16
Dutch politician Geert Wilders.
German Der Spiegel recently interviewed Dutch politician Geert Wilders. The headlines focused on his comments that Merkel is afraid of his popularity, or that the Koran is worse than Mein Kampf, though in Wilders' case, saying he doesn't want to ban Islam and doesn't intend to deport Muslims seem more ...
2 Nov 2010 13:28
You change or else
A presenter of some shows in the Iranian satellite channel press TV, Amina Taylor takes part in Press and News Agencies Exhibition where she is chosen among the first 6 Muslim Women Journalists.She gives her views on Islam, Islamophobia position of Muslim Women in UK.
16 Oct 2010 15:04
Who are against Mahdism idea don`t want to be raised Mahdism as encompassing idea
A political research export of broadcasting organization noted that that people who were against Mahdism idea were active and said: These people don`t want to be raised Mahdism as encompassing idea; so we must express Mahdism teachings to fail them in the area.
14 Oct 2010 13:37
Muslims should live based on Qur
Riyaz Hassan Jafari, an Indian analyst said: “Quran is a book of life, Muslims must live based on it and act as what God ordered them,” he underlined as added ” we should not just read Quran. We have to understand Quern and be aware of its rules."
28 Sep 2010 15:08
Dr. Hadi Vakili.
During a question and answer of Iran newspaper, it is the opinion of Dr. Hadi Vakili who is the professor of Hawzah and university.
25 Sep 2010 15:14
Field-making for the advent of Imam will be realized with expanding culture of expectation
The director of Mahdavi drama, "A Lost Night" indicated that it was necessary to spread culture of expectation for the advent of Imam and said: Field-making for the advent of Imam will be realized with expanding culture of expectation and hope.
30 Aug 2010 12:24
Mahdism is the base of Shiite doctrine
The manager of Shiite studies of Religion and Islamic Sects University stated Mahdism was the base of Shiite doctrine.
23 Aug 2010 14:29
Qom, Arizeh well of Jamkaran mosque
Public Relations and International manager of Jamkaran mosque announced that an important document about Arizeh well would be published at founding anniversary of Jamkaran mosque.
9 Aug 2010 13:23
Ahad Deh Bozorgi
Ahad Deh Bozorgi, contemporary Iranian poet, said the task of custodians is creation of enthusiasm and motivation for composing Mahdavi poetry and added:Everyone should try that poets show their interest for composing Mahdavi poetry and attempt in this way.
2 Aug 2010 23:22
Hojjatoleslam Mousapour, Qom Governor
Qom governor described that the outcome of the sixth conference of Mahdism Doctrine was unique in the various aspects.