Following Muhammad By Carl W. Ernst.
Quran’s Scientific Miracles Prove Islam as the True Path
One of the main ways to rescue contemporary man from the crises he is facing is to guide him to the scientific miracles of the Quran so that he can find the true path, which is Islam.
Islamic views on women issue must be theorized
Hundreds of Iranian thinkers joined a large-scale intellectual panel discussion Wednesday night in the presence of Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei to broach the issue of woman and family in Islam....
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the Islamic Awakening in the region is primarily aimed at reviving the national and Islamic values and reinforcing resistance against the Western hegemony....
Regional Uprisings Inspired by Imam Khomeini
Iran's Islamic Revolution led by the Late Founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, is the source of inspiration for the growing tide of Islamic awakening in the region, an Iranian official stated.
Hollywood Seeks World Domination by Making End-of-Time Movies
Hollywood uses art as one of the major means for influencing the audience and makes end-of-time movies seeking world domination.
Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi.
Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi: We must protect Mahdism as a strong logical matter documented by the Prophet and rescue it from being misused.
Developing Mahdism Culture Main Approach against Soft War
Mahdism researcher: Developing the culture of Mahdism is one of the major approaches against the soft war waged by the enemies.
Clarifying the Culture of Intizar Requires Employing Modern Media
Shia researcher and a scholar at the Islamic College of London: In today’s world, where new media like the internet and satellite networks have appeared, Muslims need to make use of these media to spread the teachings ...
Muslim Students Conference at Yale University
    Muslim Students Conference at Yale University

Muslim students from across the Ivy League gathered at Yale University this weekend to network and share spiritual and cultural experiences.

1st Shia Digital Library Launched in China
    1st Shia Digital Library Launched in China

The first Shia digital library in Chinese language was launched by a Chinese preacher.

Iran’s Revolution Deepened Islamic Thought
    Iran’s Revolution Deepened Islamic Thought

The Islamic Revolution of Iran, which was led to victory by late Imam Khomeini (RA), has inspired Islamic movements and deepened Islamic thought.

Top Sunni scholar defines Imam Ali (AS)
    Top Sunni scholar defines Imam Ali (AS)

Book on the features of Imam Ali (AS) is published by Amir Kabir Publication to give the views of an outstanding Sunni scholar on the first Shia Imam.

Imam Ali’s (AS) Letter to Malek Ashtar to Be Translated
    Imam Ali’s (AS) Letter to Malek Ashtar to Be Translated

Managing director of Ghadir International Foundation announced that Imam Ali’s (AS) letter to Malek Ashtar will be rendered into certain languages by ...

First Mufati-al-Janan in English language has been placed in the Quranic exhibition
    First Mufati-al-Janan in English language has been placed in the Quranic exhibition

English translation of Mufati-al-Janan complied by Sheikh Abbas Qomi has been placed in 19th international Quranic exhibition.

Mahdism, a commonality of Shia, Sunni
    Mahdism, a commonality of Shia, Sunni

University figure highlighted Mahdism as a common principle between Shia and Sunni.

Inteligence minister was introduced as Mahdi Assistants
    Inteligence minister was introduced as Mahdi Assistants

In 7th international Conference on Mahdism Doctrine, Intelligence Minister was introduced as Mahdi Assistants.

75 Papers to Be Presented at 7th International Conference on Mahdism Doctrine
    75 Papers to Be Presented at 7th International Conference on Mahdism Doctrine

In the7th International Conference on Mahdism Conference 75 papers will be presented by researchers from Iran and other countries.

90 Books on Mahdism Published in Qom
    90 Books on Mahdism Published in Qom

The Specialized Center of Mahdaviat in the holy city of Qom has published as many as 90 new books about Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his glad advent), a ...

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22 Nov 2010 13:02
Showing Honor and Reverence Towards Worthy People
In Islam, the act of showing honor and reverence towards worthy people, people who established culture and whose names made a difference in history, is called Ziarat.
22 Nov 2010 10:18
“Painting in Islam” Conference in Cairo
A conference titled “Painting in Islam” is scheduled to be held on November 22, in Cairo, Egypt.
21 Nov 2010 16:41
Dr Mohammadreza Rikhtegaran, professor of philosophy in Tehran and Art University.
Writer of "Existential Basis of East and West" said: "The true way of westerners' and easterners' understanding of each other is through self-elevation, that is, by standing to no east or west. The truth of the East is in the Dawn and the truth of the West lies in nightfall. Therefore, in order to achieve ...
13 Nov 2010 12:52
Muslims believe that a sacred house was built in Mecca by Adam.
Islamic annual hajj pilgrimage traces its roots to Muslim-revered prophet Abraham, and Adam.
9 Nov 2010 11:44
Conference to Discuss Scientific School of Imam Sadeq (AS)
The Imam Sadeq (AS) University in Tehran plans to hold a national conference on the scientific school of Imam Sadeq (AS).
1 Nov 2010 12:43
Despite numerous sources suggesting that Islamophobia is becoming both increasingly prevalent and societally acceptable in the contemporary world, there remains a lack of textual sources that consider either the phenomenon itself, or its manifestations and consequences. There is no authoritative text ...
31 Oct 2010 14:26
Principles of Journalism in Qur
Hojjatul Islam Hamid Mohammadi, Qur'anic advisor of Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister announced that the book on the principles of journalism from view of Qur'an is to be published.
30 Oct 2010 16:09
Hajj and its Meaning
"And proclaim among men the pilgrimage; they will come to you on foot and on every lean camel, coming from every remote path, that they may witness advantages for them and mention the name of Allah during stated days." (Qur'an 22:27)
30 Oct 2010 13:00
Iran Electronic Newsletter in English Released in London
Concurrent with Imam Reza (AS) birth anniversary, Iran Cultural Center in London began to release its cultural, political and social biweekly electronic newsletter in English.
27 Oct 2010 13:56
Bring religion back to the front lines of peace
Is religion the problem in the Middle East conflict? Or can religion be the solution?
25 Oct 2010 15:18
Imam Mahdi (A.S.) In Ahadith
The Views of Muhyi-ad Din Ibn Arabi on the Infallibility of Imam Mahdi (AS): Ibn Arabi in his works "Futuhat Al-Makkiya" (The Meccan Revelations) says: "Mahdi (AS), during his time is the sign of Allah for the people of the world. His position is like that of the Prophets' (Peace Be Upon Them) which ...
24 Oct 2010 14:10
American author highlights role of Muslims in history
American author Jerald F. Dirks highlights the role of Muslims in construction of America in his recent book stressing that Muslims played a more important role than the followers of other religions.
18 Oct 2010 16:30
The book titled "Islam and Muslims" was published
The book of Sevko Omar Basic, grand mufti of Croatia, titled “Islam and Muslims” was published in Croatian by Croatia Mashikhiyat Society in September 2010.
17 Oct 2010 12:07
Historical Aspect of the Imam Reza
BFnews: He is Ali son of Mousa son of Ja'fer son of Muhammad son of Ali son of al-Husayn son of Ali son of Abu Talib (A.S.), eighth in the series of the Emams belonging to the Ahl al-Bayt (A.S.). His birthplace is Medina, and his resting place is Toos (Iran). There is a great deal of dispute regarding ...
16 Oct 2010 15:04
Who are against Mahdism idea don`t want to be raised Mahdism as encompassing idea
A political research export of broadcasting organization noted that that people who were against Mahdism idea were active and said: These people don`t want to be raised Mahdism as encompassing idea; so we must express Mahdism teachings to fail them in the area.
14 Oct 2010 13:37
Muslims should live based on Qur
Riyaz Hassan Jafari, an Indian analyst said: “Quran is a book of life, Muslims must live based on it and act as what God ordered them,” he underlined as added ” we should not just read Quran. We have to understand Quern and be aware of its rules."
13 Oct 2010 10:45
Some Orientalists Were Sincere in Their Studies on Islam
Professor Annemarie Schimmel, German Islamologist and Orientalist, presented over 70 works in various fields of Islamic sciences, culture, traditions, mysticism and literature.
12 Oct 2010 16:02
Corbin Regarded Himself a Shia
He believed that Madism (belief in the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his glad advent) and his establishment of a just government throughout the world is the basis of the dynamism in Shia societies.
12 Oct 2010 14:07
Grand Cleric calls Islam the religion of rationality and logic
Participating a two-day meeting in Afghan capital Kabul, head of Forum for the Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Taskhiri hailed Islam as the religion of logic and rationality.
12 Oct 2010 13:48
Secret Jewish Book by Ali Mousavi Motlaq
The book was published on 63 pages that explained verses of Neboet Hyld book and spoke about coming The Last Prophet.