Following Muhammad By Carl W. Ernst.
Quran’s Scientific Miracles Prove Islam as the True Path
One of the main ways to rescue contemporary man from the crises he is facing is to guide him to the scientific miracles of the Quran so that he can find the true path, which is Islam.
Islamic views on women issue must be theorized
Hundreds of Iranian thinkers joined a large-scale intellectual panel discussion Wednesday night in the presence of Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei to broach the issue of woman and family in Islam....
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the Islamic Awakening in the region is primarily aimed at reviving the national and Islamic values and reinforcing resistance against the Western hegemony....
Regional Uprisings Inspired by Imam Khomeini
Iran's Islamic Revolution led by the Late Founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, is the source of inspiration for the growing tide of Islamic awakening in the region, an Iranian official stated.
Hollywood Seeks World Domination by Making End-of-Time Movies
Hollywood uses art as one of the major means for influencing the audience and makes end-of-time movies seeking world domination.
Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi.
Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi: We must protect Mahdism as a strong logical matter documented by the Prophet and rescue it from being misused.
Developing Mahdism Culture Main Approach against Soft War
Mahdism researcher: Developing the culture of Mahdism is one of the major approaches against the soft war waged by the enemies.
Clarifying the Culture of Intizar Requires Employing Modern Media
Shia researcher and a scholar at the Islamic College of London: In today’s world, where new media like the internet and satellite networks have appeared, Muslims need to make use of these media to spread the teachings ...
Muslim Students Conference at Yale University
    Muslim Students Conference at Yale University

Muslim students from across the Ivy League gathered at Yale University this weekend to network and share spiritual and cultural experiences.

1st Shia Digital Library Launched in China
    1st Shia Digital Library Launched in China

The first Shia digital library in Chinese language was launched by a Chinese preacher.

Iran’s Revolution Deepened Islamic Thought
    Iran’s Revolution Deepened Islamic Thought

The Islamic Revolution of Iran, which was led to victory by late Imam Khomeini (RA), has inspired Islamic movements and deepened Islamic thought.

Top Sunni scholar defines Imam Ali (AS)
    Top Sunni scholar defines Imam Ali (AS)

Book on the features of Imam Ali (AS) is published by Amir Kabir Publication to give the views of an outstanding Sunni scholar on the first Shia Imam.

Imam Ali’s (AS) Letter to Malek Ashtar to Be Translated
    Imam Ali’s (AS) Letter to Malek Ashtar to Be Translated

Managing director of Ghadir International Foundation announced that Imam Ali’s (AS) letter to Malek Ashtar will be rendered into certain languages by ...

First Mufati-al-Janan in English language has been placed in the Quranic exhibition
    First Mufati-al-Janan in English language has been placed in the Quranic exhibition

English translation of Mufati-al-Janan complied by Sheikh Abbas Qomi has been placed in 19th international Quranic exhibition.

Mahdism, a commonality of Shia, Sunni
    Mahdism, a commonality of Shia, Sunni

University figure highlighted Mahdism as a common principle between Shia and Sunni.

Inteligence minister was introduced as Mahdi Assistants
    Inteligence minister was introduced as Mahdi Assistants

In 7th international Conference on Mahdism Doctrine, Intelligence Minister was introduced as Mahdi Assistants.

75 Papers to Be Presented at 7th International Conference on Mahdism Doctrine
    75 Papers to Be Presented at 7th International Conference on Mahdism Doctrine

In the7th International Conference on Mahdism Conference 75 papers will be presented by researchers from Iran and other countries.

90 Books on Mahdism Published in Qom
    90 Books on Mahdism Published in Qom

The Specialized Center of Mahdaviat in the holy city of Qom has published as many as 90 new books about Imam Mahdi (may God hasten his glad advent), a ...

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16 Jan 2011 15:01
Specialized Forum on Religions’ Rights to Be Held in Qom
The first specialized forum on religions' rights will be held by the Research Center of Islamic Culture and Thought in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Center for Religions Dialogue on January 18 in the holy city of Qom.
11 Jan 2011 16:05
Significance of human dignity discussed at Iranian-Swiss religious meeting
The Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) and university of Qom hosted the third religious symposium between Iran Center for Interreligious Dialogue and the Swiss Bishops Conference under the title "Human Dignity in Islam and Christianity" on Saturday.
10 Jan 2011 15:21
“Mahdaviat Doctrine” Book Translated into Shona
A book titled “Mahdaviat Doctrine” has been translated into Shona language.
9 Jan 2011 15:50
“Divine Art” Nat
The third edition of “Divine Art” national festival for seminary students is slated to be held on February 24, in the holy city of Qom.
9 Jan 2011 14:32
What is known about Jesus Christ?
Sayyid Rida Akrami discusses Jesus through Islamic sources. He shows that Islam reveres Jesus; that Muslims love Jesus as the Christians do.
4 Jan 2011 12:04
"Iran-Mid Asian Countries
A conference on the cultural commonalities of Iran and Mid Asian countries is to be held in Tehran, by Research Institute of Culture, Art and Communications.
28 Dec 2010 14:55
“313 Messages from Nahj-ul-Balagha” to be Published
A book entitled “313 Messages from Nahj-u- Balagha” by Seyyed Hamidreza Mousavi will be published by the Publication Institute of Jamkaran Mosque.
28 Dec 2010 14:46
Dr Aliakbar Velayati.
A book titled “The Role of Shia Islam in the Culture and Civilization of Islam and Iran” by Dr Aliakbar Velayati was unveiled yesterday, December 27, at the Art Section of the Islamic Development Organization.
26 Dec 2010 16:05
Jesus (AS) Rediscovered
Every year the 25th of December, celebrated in the western world as Christmas, affords us the chance to focus on one of the five greatest Messengers of God, Prophet Jesus (AS).
20 Dec 2010 10:32
Dr. Mahmoud Mir Afzali.
The tragedy of Imam Hussein's martyrdom is the greatest tragedy in the history of humanity which has not been seen or heard of in any other nations in the world.
19 Dec 2010 14:47
English Translation of Ashura and Arba’in Supplications Published in Karbala
The holy shrine of Imam Hussein (AS) in Karbala has published translation of Ashura and Arba’in supplications in English and distributed the booklets among foreign pilgrims.
14 Dec 2010 10:20
Role of Religious Deviation in Leading to Karbala
The Islamic community in the year the event of Karbalā took place, had greatly differed from that in the last year of Prophet’s life. The trend of deviation had been however gradual, according to many of researchers, the basis thereof was established from the first years after the Prophet’s departure....
13 Dec 2010 15:07
“Standard-Bearer of Truth” unveiled at Farshchian Museum
“The Standard-Bearer of Truth”, the latest painting by master Persian miniaturist Mahmud Farshchian, was unveiled during a ceremony at the Farshchian Museum in Tehran on Sunday.
11 Dec 2010 16:00
The outstanding 19th century English authors, Herbert George Wells.
Widely known as "The Father Science Fiction" and one of the outstanding 19th century English authors, Herbert George Wells describes the battle of Karbala and the story of Imam Hussein's martyrdom in his sermon "Imam Hussein".
11 Dec 2010 10:53
Mohammad Javad Sahebi, the head of scientific association of religions of Qom Seminary.
Second round series of Ashura Study meetings, Forty stages to Arbaein, was held in title of "Ashura Reforming Movement" with speech of Mohammad Javad Sahebi, the head of scientific association of religions of Qom Seminary.
6 Dec 2010 16:35
Vahhabism; reviewed from within
A book has recently been published by the Organization of Islamic Culture and Relations in Moscow assessing Vahhabism. Authored by Seyyed Mohammad ibn Alavi Almaleki, the book is meant to reveal who really is damaging the Muslim society.
24 Nov 2010 17:14
Historical Event of Ghadir
The event of Ghadir happened when the Holy Prophet made a farewell Pilgrimage to Mecca at 13 Hidry Ghamary.
24 Nov 2010 13:07
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre.
Latest Arabic software gives insights on observation of planets, stars and the astronomical achievements of Muslims.
23 Nov 2010 16:34
Articles of World Philosophy Day Conference booked
A collection of articles presented at international conference of World Philosophy Day was published in both Persian and English in a volume.
22 Nov 2010 14:39
Following Muhammad By Carl W. Ernst.
Unlike many "Islam 101" books published since September 11, 2001, Following Muhammad avoids the traps of sensational political exposé and specialized scholarly Orientalism.