“A story of Mossad “published
مالزی، مسجد ولایت
Egyptians Rally to Reject and Ban Candidacy of Mubarak-Era Individuals
Rally called by Muslim Brotherhood backs parliamentary moves to ban former officials from running for presidency.
Islamic Awakening Inspired by Iran
The Islamic awakening in the Middle-East, North Africa and other parts of the Muslim world is inspired by Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution, a senior Lebanese Hezbollah official said, and cautioned about the West and its ...
Jerusalem is the core of the Palestinian issue
Chairman of Hamas political bureau Khaled Mishaal, during his speech at the Fourth Jerusalem Festival on Friday night, asserted that Jerusalem would be only restored by resistance.
Bahraini cleric slams US for preaching democracy, AL for silence
Top Bahraini cleric Sheikh Isa Qassim has slammed the US and the Arab League for turning a blind eye to Manama’s brutal crackdown on anti-regime protests.
Dialogue for Syria, Justice for Bahrain, Freedom for Palestine
Stressing that the people of Bahrain is an Arab people insisting on the peaceful option but being killed every day, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said that the option of foreign military intervention ...
Israel Massacring Palestinians with US Green Light
A senior leader of the Islamic Jihad Movement strongly condemned the Zionist regime's continued air raids on the Gaza Strip, and underlined that Israel dared to attack the Palestinians only after it received the US ...
Iraqis mark 32nd martyrdom anniv. of Imam Mohammad Baqir al-Sadr
Iraqi people have attended a conference to commemorate the 32nd martyrdom anniversary of Iraqi Shia cleric Mohammad Baqir al-Sadr.
Libyan investigators carry out DNA tests in search for missing imam
Investigators are carrying out DNA tests on remains that could belong to Lebanese Imam Musa Sadr, who mysteriously disappeared in Libya more than 33 years ago, an official at the ministry of missing persons told AFP ...
Over 200 people killed in Yemen fighting, air raids in past week
    Over 200 people killed in Yemen fighting, air raids in past week

More than 200 people have been killed in southern Yemen by US assassination drone raids, Yemeni air strikes and army troops over the past seven days.

Israeli airport police deport 18 pro-Palestinian activists
    Israeli airport police deport 18 pro-Palestinian activists

Israeli police at Ben Gurion Airport of Tel Aviv have deported 18 pro-Palestinian activists taking part in the “Welcome to Palestine 2012” fly-in campaign ...

Four hunger striking prisoners now in hospital
    Four hunger striking prisoners now in hospital

The Palestinian prisoner support group (Addameer) announced Saturday that it knows of eight Palestinian detainees currently on open-ended hunger strikes,...

Human Rights Crisis Continues in Bahrain
    Human Rights Crisis Continues in Bahrain

Rights violations continue in Bahrain and the government's response to the findings of an international commission of inquiry have proved inadequate, ...

Russia Warns West to Avoid Further Sanctions against Iran
    Russia Warns West to Avoid Further Sanctions against Iran

Moscow renewed its strong opposition to the western pressures on Iran, stressing that it does not back increasing sanction on Tehran, specially after ...

    America's McCain Once again Stressed on Arming Syrian Terrorists

US Republican Senator John McCain has once again urged the White House to arm Syrian rebels after a ceasefire went into effect in Syria in order to end ...

Muslims being discriminated in UK
    Muslims being discriminated in UK

London mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone has called on the Londoners to be united after stressing that it is the Muslims’ turn to be discriminated against....

Israel Plans to Destroy or Divide Al-Aqsa Mosque
    Israel Plans to Destroy or Divide Al-Aqsa Mosque

Zionist regime intends to divide the al-Aqsa mosque in a bid to destroy it, a Palestinian official revealed Friday.

Global Disarmament, Iran
    Global Disarmament, Iran's Righteous Demand

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Saeed Jalili has reiterated the demand of the Islamic Republic for global nuclear disarmament....

Bahrainis to Hold Week of Protest to Coincide with F1
    Bahrainis to Hold Week of Protest to Coincide with F1

Hundreds march after opposition bloc calls for week of protests to coincide with racing event in Manama.

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7 Mar 2012 11:43
Canadians Hold Demo Protesting Netanyahu Promotion of War against Iran
Canadian human rights activists have held a demonstration in the capital Ottawa to condemn visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s promotion of war on Iran.
6 Mar 2012 11:44
Shia scholar slams division among Muslims
Member of the World Forum for proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought deprecated the division and gap among Islamic denominations.
6 Mar 2012 11:33
British people plan to mark Palestinian Land Day
British campaigners and human rights activists are to rally outside the Israeli regime’s embassy in London on 30 March as part of an international event, expressing solidarity with Palestinians.
6 Mar 2012 11:26
Imam Khamenei Plants a Tree on National Arbor Day
Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei said Iranian officials should prevent the damaging of the country's natural resources.
6 Mar 2012 11:17
US-Israel ties unbreakable
US President Barack Obama has reiterated his promise of support of Israel on security issues, insisting that the United States’ ties with Israel are unbreakable.
6 Mar 2012 10:17
Al-Khalifa Forces Clash with Peaceful Protesters in Sanabis
Saudi-backed Bahraini forces have clashed with anti-government protesters demanding an end to the rule of Al Khalifa dynasty in Sanabis, northwest of the capital Manama.
5 Mar 2012 10:57
Quran Burning Reveals Enemies
A senior Lebanese Shiite cleric condemned the burning of the Holy Quran at a US base in Afghanistan, and added that it unveiled enemies' hatred and fear for Islam.
5 Mar 2012 10:44
Demos held in Beirut against, in favor of Bashar al-Assad
Supporters and opponents of the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have held separate demonstrations in the Lebanese capital Beirut.
5 Mar 2012 10:40
Obama says when chips are down I have Israel’s back
US President Barack Obama says Washington has remained and will remain committed to Israel’s security, despite Tel Aviv atrocities committed against Palestinians.
5 Mar 2012 10:32
World considers US, Israel threat not Iran
American scholar Noam Chomsky says the world does not accept the US portrayal of Iran as an “imminent threat” to global peace, and that Washington and Tel Aviv are instead seen as greater evils.
4 Mar 2012 20:06
Fate of Al-Quds, Region Undivided
Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah Movement Seyed Hassan Nasrallah voiced optimism about the liberation of the Holy Quds specially after the recent developments in the regional and Muslim states.
4 Mar 2012 12:08
Tunisian official urges West to avoid threats against Iran
Tunisia’s Ambassador to Tehran Muhammad al-Hasayeri hoped Iran’s nuclear issue be solved far from sanctions and threats.
4 Mar 2012 10:56
Iran war will bring US to its end
A senior Turkish politician has warned that any US war against Iran will bring an end to the United States.
3 Mar 2012 16:05
Egyptians gather in protest outside US Embassy in Cairo
Egyptians have gathered outside the US Embassy in the capital Cairo in another anti-American rally, aimed at showing support for Bahrainis and Palestinians.
2 Mar 2012 16:35
Each vote is a slap on the face of the arrogance
“Each vote of Iranian people was a slap on the face of the arrogant world, the U.S and Zionism," said the Islamic jurisprudent Ayatollah Hussein Nouri Hamedani.
2 Mar 2012 10:34
The Life of Imam Hasan Askari (A.S.) in a Glance
His name is al-Hasan, Abu Muhammad. Being a resident of 'Asgar a suburb of Samarra', he is titled al-Askari.
2 Mar 2012 08:06
Iran war endangers US presence in region
The White House has warned against the repercussions of any military aggression against Iran, saying such adventurism could jeopardize the US presence in Iran’s neighboring states.
2 Mar 2012 00:29
Holocaust ‘blackest lie’ in history
A US Republican congressional hopeful has emphasized that “Holocaust never happened” and that such an event amounts to “the blackest lie in history.”
1 Mar 2012 17:52
Humanitarian aid, codename for foreign intervention in Syria?
Maybe the best definition for the “Friends of Syria” Conference is the one provided by the “Coordination Committee.” The representatives of the committee went to Tunisia but refused to attend the Qatar-led conference in the very last moments.
1 Mar 2012 17:30
Israeli official calls for severe sanctions on Iran
An Israeli official has reportedly called on the West to ‘starve Iranians’ through the imposition of severe sanctions in a supposed bid to force the Islamic Republic to relinquish its nuclear energy program.