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Iran's Fajr Film Festival to Highlight Islamic Awakening
  Fajr International Film Festival officials said they plan to highlight the Islamic Awakening during the festival.
Sunday 8 January 2012 09:52
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BFnews: Mohammad Khazai, the secretary of the 30th Fajr International Film Festival and Islamic Spring International Conference said the conference is held in order to explore how the recent affairs of the region (Middle East) are shown in cinema.

The conference will be held during the 30th FIFF and its aim is to study the current affairs in the Middle East and how the Islamic Spring is shaping the future of the region.

Khazai added, "In the two-day conference the effects of Islamic Spring and the importance of the spring in cinema are studied by experts and cineastes."

He said that in the conference the potentials of Islamic Spring as film subject and its effects on the future cinema of the region will be discussed thoroughly.

The Islamic Spring International Conference will be held during the 30th Fajr International Film Festival from 1st to 11th February 2012 with presence of film critics, experts, directors and cineastes.