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Bahraini King after Peace with Israel
  Wikileaks unveiled the hidden relationship between the Bahraini leaders and Israel.
Monday 11 April 2011 12:00
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Bahraini King after Peace with Israel
BFnews: Wikileaks has uncovered a hidden relationship between the Bahraini royalty and Israeli officials. This relationship was discovered after protests engulfed the country. The Guardian published a report that stated that Hamad bin Issa Al Khalifah has a hidden relationship with Israeli intelligence.

There is a document dated back to 2005 when the American ambassador in Bahrain which stated that the king of Bahrain has a positive relationship with Mossad. This document also stated that the Bahraini king is trying to improve the relationship as well.

These documents show that Israel has been after intelligence on Hizbollah’s military wing. They wanted to find out if Hizbollah had the ability to attack Israel. They examined the possibility of a Hizbollah attack on Israel. America stated that Hizbollah had about 20 thousand rockets which would allow them to survive a lengthy war and would put Israel in danger.

Hizbollah would have the ability to strike Israel with 400-600 rockets a day.

Source : Islam Times