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New News of Islam World in Armageddon
  Armageddon magazine was published with new news of issues related to Islam world.
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Sunday 29 August 2010 11:43
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New News of Islam World in Armageddon

BFnews: Armageddon cultural institution published analytical news magazine named "Armageddon" in the field of reviewing and confronting with anti-Islam.

News part is the most important part includes subjects like: Insult of Zionist magazine to Holy Quran, Dutch anti-Islam representative was nominated to freedom of thought reward and 2.5 million Muslims leaved Face book.

Another news of the magazine are about Zionist suspicious movements on the northern border of Iran, new project of Vhabyat, fear of mosque construction on September 11 site, Hojjatieh community activated, inviting to accept Christianity in Azad University.

Also, it studies in Armageddon magazine: Making anti-Iranian movie about Afghanistan by America, leader of Kashmir Almojahedin movement was killed, Qods to Israel was renamed in Google, radical Zionist invaded to Alaghsa Mosque.

Another news reviewed in the magazine are about: Saudi trains terrorist groups in Iraq, UAE vhabion spend their monies in some of religious schools at East of Iran, invasion at the time of praying in Shiite mosque in Pakistan and Saudi Mufti spoke about the necessity of bombing Iran by Israel.

Reporter part considers a report about Farsi1 secret activities in satellite. The enthusiastic would refer the web address "www.armageddon.ir" for more information.