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Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman:
Israel allies seek safe margin in Syria
  Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast has warned against an Israeli-led plot against Syria, saying that pro-Israeli governments mainly aim to ensure a safe margin in Damascus.
Tuesday 4 October 2011 17:20
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Israel allies seek safe margin in Syria
BFnews: Supporters of the Israeli regime seek to stir insecurity and instability in Syria, said Mehmanparast during a Tuesday press briefing, adding that Iran deplores any interference of foreign countries in internal affairs of Damascus.

We have always recommended that the ground should be prepared for Syrian officials and people to hold “positive and constructive” negotiations in an “appropriate atmosphere,” he added.

He emphasized that Iran criticizes violent measures against people who are making their demands in a peaceful way.

The Iranian spokesperson noted that the Syrian government is making reforms and stated that the country currently enjoys a calm situation.

He stressed that no country has the right to meddle with internal affairs of other states and reiterated that Syria's domestic problems can be resolved without the interference of foreign powers.

Mehmanparast said that Islamic Awakening in the Middle East is the biggest security threat to Israel, adding the Israeli regime and its allies will make their utmost efforts to ensure a safe margin through tension and conflict.

He urged regional countries to remain vigilant against Israel's plots and pursue issues prudently.

Source : Press TV