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The manager of Shiite studies of Religions and Islamic Sects University:
Mahdism is the base of Shiite doctrine
  The manager of Shiite studies of Religion and Islamic Sects University stated Mahdism was the base of Shiite doctrine.
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Monday 30 August 2010 12:24
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Mahdism is the base of Shiite doctrine
BFnews: Mohammad Javdan indicated that there is Mahdism thought in most religions and said: It can be seen an idea to the promised savior and Mahdi (aj) in the majority of Shiite tendencies and the idea has determining and basic role in these tendencies and Jafary Shiite only tends to seeking savior obviously.

He stated: The opinion of seeking savior is indicated more in Jafary Shiite; it is clear personal and social characteristics and current position of Imam Mahdi (aj) and the role and function of his government and how to govern in Jafary Shiite sources. Also there are symptoms and signs of emergence and the condition of human being in the period of uprising in the sources.

He determined: The sayings (Ahadith) related to Holy Prophet (pbuh) described the conditions of Shiite promised savior. The conditions was more clear after Holy Prophet (pbuh) and since 4th Hejry century (related to Muslims calendar referred to migration of Holy Prophet (pbuh) from Mecca to Medina), Shiite scholar had many books about the issue like "Al-Qeibah" from Noamani that was one of shiite scholar at 4th century. At 5th century Sheikh Tousi rewrited the book and had attended as detailed to Mahdavi discussions. In addition Koleini had dedicated in his book "Osoul Kafi" a part for Mahdism discussions.

He considered: Imamat is basic issue in Jafary Shiite and it is the base of Shiite doctrine and Mahdism is the main issue of belief to Imamat. Shiite has attended to promised Mahdi (aj) issue more for clarifying the idea and replying to the doubts of the topic and preventing misuse of it.