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President in interview with CNN
Sense of responsibility of US media on zionistic regime is questionable
  Dr.Ahmadinejad today morning (Wednesday) New York time had an interview with Larry King well-known executive of the CNN Network of USA, and mentioned that the sense of responsibility of the US media on the zionistic regime is questionable and said ,you are afraid of the war–mongering nature of Netanyahu.
Thursday 23 September 2010 16:30
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Sense of responsibility of US media on zionistic regime is questionable
BFnews:  Dr.Ahmadinejad today morning (Wednesday) New York time had an interview with Larry King well-known executive of the CNN Network of USA, and mentioned that the sense of responsibility of the US media on the zionistic regime is questionable and said ,you are afraid of the war–mongering nature of Netanyahu.

In response to a remark that (Netanyahu)has recently expressed concern regarding Iran, The president mentioned this matter ;Netanyahu is a professional thug and all of the dictators of history so as to keep themselves on the sidelines , they accuse others.Dr.Ahmadinejad specified ;Netanyahu must be brought to justice due to the siege of Gaza strip and massacre of women ,and innocent children of Palestine .This is controversial that the US media are concerned regarding the worries of this person.

The president touched upon the presence of forty million poor ,and four million homeless in the US and posed this question " Why the money and the taxes of the US people are given to the zionistic regime ? " and as a result under various pleas this regime will attack Lebanon and Palestine and it continually threatens Iran.

In response to a question meaning that the world is worried about the nuclear programs of Iran ,the president said that there are two questions brought up here,"Where is that world you are speaking of ? Do you mean the same as Netanyahu and the US administration ? Every one knows that in the authentic opinion poll that has recently been taken and distributed it shows that %88 of the people of the region supports the nuclear programs of Iran and there is no other except the zionistic regime and the US that are worried in this regard Dr.Ahmadinejad stressed that Iran is decisively after the nuclear disarmament of the zionistic regime and the US . Then he continued that today the main threat is the nuclear bombs of the zionistic regime and the US ;if they think that through lies and propaganda they can forget this thing they are mistaken .we will definitely pursue and we will follow the direction opened in the amendment of the (NPT) bylaws seriously ,until the US and the zionistic regime and other countries which possess nuclear weaponry are disarmed
The president mentioned ; the zionistic regime is an occupying illicit and rebellious regime and the US has denoted that he does not have any control on his nerves and easily enters into wars and massacres people therefore these do not have the qualification of having nuclear weapons , and should soon get disarmed.Nuclear weapon is the worst anti human weapon therefore all of the owners of such kind of weapons should get disarmed and no one else after disarmament is entitled to produce atomic bombs .Dr.Ahmadinejad reminded ; today all of the nations and governments including the US and even the security council know very well that Iran does not have a nuclear bomb and does not move towards it.

In response to a question regarding the observation of human rights and the freedom of expression he announced ;every where even in the US human rights and freedom of expression must be respected ,In Iran no employee will get fired after 50 years due to a simple remark ,but in the US such a thing happens and a long –standing reporter will be laid off simply due to mentioning something regarding the zionistic regime .The president pointed out ;the Islamic Republic of Iran is prepared so as to find solutions for the issues on the table to co-operate and assist .

In response to a question regarding the judgment to stone Ms .Mohammadi in Iran Dr.Ahmadinejad said ;the process of investigating her file has not yet been completed and no writ has been pronounced , she is accused of killing her husband and I do not think that there will be any demonstration and camping in favor if a person is accused of killing at any part of the world. Dr.Ahmadinejad added ;certainly there is no judgment of lapidation ,and this was the claim of a person in Germany which is a false representation.

The president continued ; these false news are published against Iran when last year in the G20 in the US many people around 100 thousand objected and demonstrated against the economical policies and as a result the police encountered them with full violence , now in this regard can you still claim that demonstrations are free in the US ? Is there a place in the US that people can stage demonstrations against the zionistic regime ?

In response to a question regarding the renovation of the mosque around the twin towers the president said ; the decision in this regard is related to the people and the authorities of the city of New York, I do not have any special opinion in this respect. But I believe that every one should respect places of prayers and the heavenly books,

In response to another question that how much optimistic you are regarding the peace negotiations of the Middle East , the president said ;I am very much hopeful and in principle without hope life and try are useless . No doubt if the right of people and the sovereignty of the people of Palestine are recognized ,the issue is solved and some people must not allow themselves to decide instead of the people of Palestine.

In response to a question regarding; Fidel Castro blamed Iran because of holocaust ,the president mentioned ; this news was published merely by the zionistic regime and it is totally wrong.
Yesterday Mr.Fidel Castro sent me a message in this regard and specified that such a news is wrong .
The president added ;the question is ; Why does the US insist on fully supporting the zionistic regime and What relation is there between the US and the zionistic regime. Larry King in response to this question of the president said that the reason is the expression of sympathy from the US administration on holocaust and then Dr.Ahmadinejad remarked ;the US administration has killed around one hundred thousand people in Iraq now is there a permit that the US land will be occupied ? and its authority will be given to others?If such a logic is accepted ,then there is no security for the worlds imagined. Larry King said Are you interested in taking trip to US ,and Dr.Ahmadinejad responded I am interested in traveling to all parts of the world and make contacts with the people in the meantime the UN is also the place of Smanagement of the world and the persons such as me should take part in it.

In response to a question regarding the fate of two US prisoners in Iran the president pointed out ; they illegally violated the borders of Iran and their case is in the court ,the trend of examining their offense is under process ,of course one of them has been released on bail as a human piece of work .

In response to Larry King's question if you can use your influence to release the two remaining US prisoners , the president said ;the discussion is not related to using the influence and in principle I do not have such an influence but for this lady who was released on bail I recommended and fortunately with a kind perspective her case was studied.

Dr.Ahmadinejad in response to if you are ready to meet the families of these three prisoners ,said ;of course there hasn't been a request in this regard but if there is such a request I will study it with a positive view. Dr.Ahmadinejad pointed out ; we must pay attention to this matter that all the countries have stringent regulations and punishments for illegal entries in the borders .

In response to this question Is there a possibility that you make a request that these prisoners will be released too , the president said that there are so many prisoners , can we make request for the release of all of them ? In US there are around 2.5 million people in prisons and if there is such a possibility I hereby ask the judiciary of the US to commute the penalties of the 2.5 million prisoners. In response to the remark that these 3 US nationals have been arrested while cycling and there should be a difference between murderers and thieves ,the president said that I do not think that mountain is a place for cycling in the meantime if you mean that  2.5 million prisoners in the US are all thieves and murderers ,then it is very bad for the US community. The president spoke of the destiny of the lost US agent of FBI ,in this regard a joint committee is supposed to be formed with the US administration and we are supposed to help each other to gain some information about him .Of course FBI has further details of his travel to the island of Kish and with whom he planned to meet and where to go after the island of Kish then we may find some clues regarding this agent.

Dr.Ahmadinejad added ;of course we are worried that some people will be in trouble , if the intelligence organizations act more transparently and humanly , then without doubt there will be no trouble , we recommend that this intelligence committee to be formed sooner so as to find some clues from him and his family will be relieved.

In response to this question If your son would have had the destiny of the three US nationals , what reaction would you have had ? The president said If my son breaks the law ,certainly laws should be used to judge about him, because laws guarantee security and viability and must be respected if laws are supposed to be breached there will be no security sustainable in the world.

The CNN executive asked about the future relation of Iran and US and the probability of negotiations with Obama that if we are ready to make open dialogs in front of the representatives and the media different issues at the UN General Assembly .we can mention our ideas in these dialogs so as to find solutions for the world issues.

In response to the words of Ms.Clinton and some characters in Iran meaning that the sanctions are effective , Dr.Ahmadinejad mentioned ;the first thing regarding the sanctions is that why the US administration must impose some sanction before the security council against Iran . Isn't this an illegal action denoting the enmity of the US administration against the nation of Iran ?The president added ; sanctions have no effect on the trend of progress and improvement of Iran. The nation of Iran has been under sanctions and pressures of the US for 30 years but Iran didn't need the economy of Europe and US ,Iran is able to meet his needs . By chance the nation of Iran during the sanction period made progresses and achievements .

Dr.Ahmadinejad was surprised with hearing that some people express opinions in alignment with the opinions of the US and stressed ;the sanctions have no effects except expediting the trend of progress of the nation of Iran. Dr.Ahmadinejad added ;the nation of Iran has lived for thirty years and made progresses while at the time of dependence on the US the country was enumerated as backward.