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Jamil Azar resigns from Jamil Azar for uncovering Bahrain events
  Tweets posted on "Twitter" reported the resignation of the presenter Jamil Azar from the Qatari Al-Jazeera channel in the wake of frequent reports that he had reservations on how the channel covers events in Bahrain and Syria.
Saturday 18 June 2011 14:57
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Jamil Azar resigns from Jamil Azar  for uncovering Bahrain events
BFnews: He was quoted saying: There are differences between the news channel’s broadcasters on the way the channel deals with the events taking place in Syria and Bahrain, while there was no proper chance of the statement being confirmed.

He was also referred to as having said: The situation became unbearable and Al-Jazeera has eliminated its dream of news leadership.

The general director of the channel “Waddah Khanfar” asked him to be patient and wait.

This resignation, if confirmed, will be counted as the second after the resignation of the station’s Beirut office director, Ghassan Ben Jeddo, for the same reasons. It is reported that more than a journalist is thinking of resigning from the channel "if it continued to distort facts."

Much criticism was directed towards “Al-Jazeera” on ignoring the events in Bahrain and the full adoption of the Qatari political policy where it covered up many of the human rights violations.

Jamil Azar, a Jordanian citizen considered one of the few staff that add a diverse atmosphere on the channel controlled by the Islamists and “Baathiyon”.

He joined Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel since its launch in July 30, 1996, and was the one to assign its slogan of "the opinion ... and the other opinion". He worked as the news anchor and host of "Weekly View" and as the official news and linguistics auditor in addition to being a member of the Editorial Board.

Source : Islam Times