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Bahrainis Responsed Shia Cleric Sheikh Issa Qasim and Hold Mass Anti-Regime Rally in Manama
  Bahrainis have held a mass anti-government demonstration outside the capital, Manama, to demand an end to the rule of Al Khalifa dynasty.
Saturday 10 March 2012 11:01
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Bahrainis Responsed Shia Cleric Sheikh Issa Qasim and Hold Mass Anti-Regime Rally in Manama
Bfnews: Hundreds of thousands of Bahrainis flooded the streets of the capital Manama after Friday prayers in huge demonstration under the title of “"Here we are Bahrain," demanding freedom, political reforms and social justice, a year after authorities violently crushed a peaceful uprising.

Policemen fired tear gas at a group of protesters but the rallies were largely peaceful and no one so far was arrested, an activist said.

"It is one of the largest protests in recent years," Nabil Rajab, head of the Bahraini Centre for Human Rights Rajab told media sources.

Demonstrators took to the streets in response to calls by several groups, primarily the head of Clerics’ Council of Bahrain Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Qassem, commemorating the first anniversary of the Saudi-led Peninsula Shield forces entrance to Bahrain. Sheikh Qassem was at the forefront of the protest.

The Bahraini opposition demands political reforms, a people-elected government and constitutional changes that would reduce the power of the dynasty.

Bahraini prisoners also participate in the demonstration from their cells, where detainees in Dry Dock prison started to launch chants of "Allahu Akbar (Allah is the Greatest)" from their cells to assure their bothers they are still loyal to the faith of Free Bahrain until they achieve their legitimate demands.

Tensions have remained high in Bahrain since a deadly crackdown last year after a month of Manama street protests.

According to an independent probe ۳۵ people were killed in last year's unrest, including five security personnel and five detainees tortured to death while in custody. 

Source : ABNA