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Ayatollah Kaabi
Any new Israeli adventurism will lead to liberation of Quds
  Given the Zionist regime takes on a new adventurism against Iran, it would end up in the liberation of al-Quds, a senior member of the IRI Leadership Assembly of Experts told members of the arriving international campaign of global march to al-Quds (‘Jerusalem’) in Qum city central Iran.
Sunday 18 March 2012 09:49
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Any new Israeli adventurism will lead to liberation of Quds
Bfnews: Ayatollah Abbas Kaabi said Qum was the origin of Islamic Revolution that aimed to form fair relations across the world.

Kaabi touched on the first official statement of Imam Khomeini early in his revolutionary movement in which he raised the Palestinian issue and blamed the regional silence for the occupation of al-Quds.

Kaabi said the Islamic Revolution essentially seeks the liberation of al-Quds and end of tyrannical relations in the world.

The alim then pointed to Imam Khomeini’s designation of the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as the International Day of Quds, adding that the world was now welcoming the idea after 31 years.

Kaabi said Israel was dreading the global march campaign, adding that the salvation of human being was in an end to the Israeli-American apartheid in Palestine. 


Source : Qods news agency