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Grand Ayatollah Sobhani:
Islam, school for culture and science
  Top Iranian jurisprudent hailed the role of learning and science in Islam and counted learning, and working as the activities that will be rewarded by God.
Tuesday 31 January 2012 13:20
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Islam, school for culture and science
 Bfnews: Grand Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani, Iranian top cleric warned against foreign and domestic enemies highlighting self sufficiency in economy and production.

This religious figure attending the opening ceremony of a book exhibition in Qom referred to some oaths taken in Qur'an and said, "God Almighty in the holy Qur'an swears by pen and ink, which are tools for writing, and that is not any kind of writing but a writing that adds something to civilization and morality,".

Professor at Qom Seminary glorified Islam as the school of science, learning and culture saying, "Muslims are people with science and high knowledge." adding, "If we lag behind in science for a period of time, that is either we or the enemies have to be blamed for that but the school of Islam has no shortcoming."

He said having several libraries is a token for the importance of science and culture and that contrary to many invasions to Islamic countries, Muslims managed to save their ۱۴-centuries-culture.

Ayatollah Sobhani also underscored the most valuable activities that are rewarded by God saying, "Activities of the scientists, Jihadists (those who combat for heavenly means) and workers are highly valued and rewarded by God Almighty."

"Those women who work and help the country for self sufficiency are loved by God." said the cleric and warned against any demand for supplies from the enemies.

He also warned the high officials against domestic and foreign enemies who plan to weaken the system.

Ayatollah Sobhani addressed the publishers and researchers and said," Man needs to b e fed both physically and spiritually; hence, researchers and writers have to carefully review what they produce and how they feed the minds of the youth."

Religious figure demanded for a cheaper supply of paper so least the high prices of paper leads to less publication of books.