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New Year is year of growing dignity, progress for Iranians, world people
  President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here on Sunday that the new Iranian calendar year of 1390 (started on March 21) will be the year of growing dignity and progress for Iranian and other nations.
Monday 21 March 2011 16:53
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New Year is year of growing dignity, progress for Iranians, world people
BFnews: More in his televised New Year message, President Ahmadinejad said that in the New Year: We will withstand injustice and unilateralism with prudence and well-calculated plans, insisting on rights of nations.

Noting that the world is in dire need of a modern system and new shape and design, the President said that in the New Year efforts will be made globally for reforms in the tyrannical and inhumane structures and systems.

He said human beings are universal creatures, so their attitude and lifestyle should be universal then added: Man’s true prosperity depends on his global vision and today, under God’s grace, suspicious borders are getting eliminated. Today, materialistic management has come to an end and all nations are going to share similar universal feeling.

Saying that monotheism, justice, chastity and durable peace are true causes of nations, President Ahmadinejad said all nations are seeking kindness and friendship and this promises coming of a promised rule over the world.

Elsewhere in his address, President Ahmadinejad said Iranian nation want peace, friendship and welfare for all nations in light of monotheism, justice and fraternity.

On his plans for the New Year, President Ahmadinejad said in the field of science and technology, new peaks of progress will be conquered under God’s grace and thanks to efforts of scientists.

In the fields of production, industry, agriculture, servicing and investment too, 2.5 million job opportunities will be created in the year as the unemployment problem is hoped to be solved in two to three years, noted the president.

He said many deprivation and poverty elimination will be enforced in the New Year and rural and urban development as well as housing projects will be implemented.

He noted: Subsidy-cut plan too will be vigorously enforced in the production and servicing sectors. Energy consumption economization plan and reforms in economic behaviors will be this year’s motto.

To the start of his speech, the president hailed Nowrouz (start of the New Year) as the feast of the public and said: Annually people on this day get happy and the reason for such a joy is that they get one step and one year closer to truth of spring.

He said the Festival of Nowrouz is one of the most outstanding cultural and historical heritage of Iranian nation and one of the most beautiful feasts of human beings.

The president said: Nowrouz features kindness and prosperity, renovation, joining nature, renaissance, and setting aside hostilities, enmities and immoralities.