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Istanbul conference:
Zionism equals racism
  Final statement of Istanbul conference: Zionism equals racism/ resistance sole option to stand against occupation and free Palestine
Monday 17 January 2011 14:59
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Zionism equals racism
BFnews: Participants in an international conference in defense of Quds and Palestine in Istanbul, Turkey designated resistance as the only option in the struggle against occupation and for freedom of Palestine. They also called for the trial of the Zionist criminals.

A final statement of the 2-day conference says according to past experiences, negotiations staged under the helm of the US, as constant supporter of Israel, would bear no fruits for the Palestinians and would only be a tool to cover up the Zionist crimes against the Palestinians.

The statement also underlines the Palestinian right of return as an individual and social right which could never and shall not be compromised.

The statement also calls on authorities and people in the world of Islam and Arab world to mobilize their efforts to put an end to Israeli atrocities.

The participants called the Zionist regime as a bank of atrocities and strongly condemned the regime's racist policies in Beit ul-Moqaddas and the rest of Palestine.

The participants also called the regime as a threat to international peace, especially regarding its nuclear bombs.

The final statement then invokes UN general assembly's ratifications in calling Zionism as a racist movement.

The statement concluded with the condemnation of the regime's moves against Muslim and Christian historical monuments in the occupied al-Quds.

380 representatives from the five continents convened in Istanbul for the conference.

A new organization called 'world coalition in help of Quds and Palestine' was established in the conference.