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Study on joint Muslim nations satellite underway
  Minister of Information and Telecommunications Technology has said that the construction of joint Muslim nations’ satellite is heavily relying on the technological capacity of the Islamic Republic.
Sunday 28 November 2010 15:19
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Study on joint Muslim nations satellite underway
BFnews: Reza Taqi-pour, Iran’s minster of Information and Telecommunications Technology said: Apart from Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia and some Arab countries are anticipated to contribute to the landmark construction and launching of “Besharat” satellite.

The minister has delineated the latest developments of the blueprint and said that the joint venture is under study and talks are underway on the method to finance the project before implementing the plan.

The minister said: After determining the first characteristics, the plan will be sent for the contributors and the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) for further verification.

He noted: Once the various viewpoints are gathered, organizers will hold expert meetings and a quota will be set for each contributor on how to share the satellite.

Then, he added: The planning and construction of the spaceship will kick off.

Among the countries expected to step in, few countries enjoy state-of the-art aeronautic industry, with Iran resting on the top of the team, the official said: While pointing to the countries which are scheduled to carry out the planning and construction of the satellite.

The minister mentioned: In the Middle East, Turkey is a key player, and some Arab nations as well as Malaysia and Pakistan which own a limited space technology may role up their sleeves to join the fray if, they are keen.

Tehran’s burgeoning aerospace industry have dramatically changed over the past decade, despite
sever trade and political embargo imposed by the West and the United States.

In 2009, Iran has successfully launched its first domestically built data-processing satellite for research and telecommunications into the orbit, named Omid, meaning “hope”.