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If US Kill One of Us, We Will Kill Dozens
  Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday that the Iranian nation does not need nuclear weapon though it has decided to get hands of the US away from national wealth.
Wednesday 9 November 2011 14:19
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If US Kill One of Us, We Will Kill Dozens
BFnews: Addressing a local gathering, Ahmadinejad condemned Washington’s efforts to plunder other countries wealth and resources and humiliate them.

He added that the Iranian nation can achieve objectives through cultural and logical methodology separate from that of Washington.

He further warned US and its allies against accusing Iran, stressing that if Washington wants to stand up to the Iranian people, it will undoubtedly face a crushing response by them.

“While the US administration possesses some 5,000 nuclear bombs, it accuses Iran of producing such bombs,” the President said.

Washington and its allies see their progress and development in destroying other countries infrastructure, he reiterated.

“Iran’s annual budget for nuclear research is $250 million, while US President Barrack Obama has allocated $81 billion extra budget for improving the country’s nuclear bombs in 2011,” Ahmadinejad stated.

The President said documents and evidences prove that those countries which produce and stockpile nuclear bombs are dangerous not the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Criticizing the performance of the International Atomic Energy Agency, he regretted that the agency’s Director General Yukiya Amano has no jurisdiction and has violated the body’s rules and regulations and is only repeating “Washington’s words”.

“The IAEA has provided several unreal reports on Iran’s nuclear program while it has never published any reports on nuclear activities of the US and several other countries which have endangered the whole globe with their nuclear arsenals,” Ahmadinejad stressed.

The President noted that the White House officials have repeatedly said they prefer to change their approach towards the Iranian nation; however, the US wrong policies still continue.

Condemning the US pressures on Iran, he said the Iranian nation will not retreat from national goals by the US pressure.

Meanwhile, a senior Iranian military chief warned on Tuesday that Iran will kill "dozens" of US military commanders for each Iranian commander murdered, if covert hits urged by two US defense analysts last month are carried out,.

"If you kill one of us, we will kill dozens of yours," the Fars news agency quoted Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, the head of the elite Revolutionary Guards' aerospace division, as saying.

In remarks directed to the US military, he stressed "you must not forget that American commanders are present and travel around in Afghanistan, Iraq and regional countries."

His comments referred to October 26 testimony by two hawkish US military experts to a US congressional committee looking at possible ways to hit back at Iran for an alleged plot by Iranian officials to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington.

Iran made a formal protest over the experts' comments via the Swiss embassy in Tehran, which handles US interests in the absence of Iran-US diplomatic ties.

Source : Al Manar