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President Ahmadinejad:
Management of unworthy people source of world problems
  President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that the management and authority of oppressive people unworthy of their capacities is the source of problems the world people are facing today.
Sunday 11 September 2011 18:02
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Management of unworthy people source of world problems
BFnews: Addressing the opening of the 5th International Conference of Ahlul Bait (A.S.) World Assembly in Tehran, he said the main problem of the human society nowadays was the oppression.

He said that all throughout the history, a major portion of discrimination, corruption, wars and atrocities which have hindered the progressive and upward movement of human beings has been due to the rulership of unworthy people who did not follow the divine lines.

Noting that during the past century hundred of wars have claimed lives of millions of people and left behind hundreds of millions of homeless people, the President stressed that the wealths of the nations have been spent on endless arsenal rivalries and mass production of fatal weapons instead of being used for the prosperity and sublimity of the mankind.

Referring to the September 11 incident in the US, he also said that it was a complicated game designed to influence the minds of people to pave the way for attacks on Islamic territories such as Afghanistan and Iraq which have resulted in killing of over one million people.

The four-day event is attended by over 600 foreign as well as 400 Iranian guests including a number of Shia scholars and political and scientific persons from around the world.