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Ronaldof Tringer:
We all should try to reduce tensions and development of peace
  Adviser of operation head of Red Cross International committee in Muslim countries said: We should try to reduce tensions and develop peace with dialogue and negotiation between all groups, nations, religious scholars and Intel. organizations.
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Sunday 26 September 2010 12:09
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We all should try to reduce tensions and development of  peace

BFnews: Ronaldof Tringer in a meeting with Head of Islamic Scientific and Cultural institution noted: Although the affairs of peace is not directly our agenda and considers after humanitarian issues but with respect for humanitarian laws will open a way for the development of sustainable peace.

He reminded: It is very important for us that we continue the series of scientific activities and develop more peace dialogues. Brotherhood is among human being that is listed as well in Islamic sentences and search of similarities based on global framework was signed as a regard of Geneva Convention with participation of all governments and countries.

He added: According to these laws, all of religions and governments try to preserve human dignity in the time of war and conflict. In these conditions that Islamic countries specially Iraq, Palestine and Afganistan are ingaged in war, International humanitarian organizations should do certain affairs in this area.

He continued: It should be spoken about these tensions and conflicts with whom are ingaged and NGO groups that are in the coflicts. We have made serious attempts that laws which are talked about are done completely impartiality.