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“Islamic Hijab” Published in Italy
  A book entitled “Islamic Hijab” by Renata Bepthlli, researcher and lecturer of Polonia University, was published on February 27 by Korotca Publications in Italy
Thursday 1 March 2012 12:15
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“Islamic Hijab” Published in Italy
Bfnews:The book which is written in Italian language investigates Hijab in Western and Arab societies from a religious and historical perspective. The author believes that Islamic Hijab reflects Muslims' quest for Islamic civilization and entails researches in Western civilization and culture.

The researcher states that by covering Islamic Hijab, Muslims in fact oppose the colonial identity and that returning to Hijab in the 1970s was to stress religious identity.

Noting that spread of Hijab in Western countries has caused worries in Europe, the author notes that some have got the opportunity today to study the second generation of migrants for whom Hijab is as their identity.

The book also points out that sale of Halal cosmetics has increased in the West and such products have become popular even among non-Muslims. "Woman in Islam” is the title of another book by the author.

Source : Abna news agency