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IRI Parliament Speaker in a speech at the IIPU meeting:
Reliance on enemies of Islam brings humiliation
  Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Wednesday that the Islamic nations should not allow the Western countries to interfere in the Islamic nations’ affairs, because reliance on the enemies of Islam brings humiliation.
Thursday 20 January 2011 14:11
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IRI Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani.
IRI Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani.
BFnews: Larijani said in a speech at the IIPU meeting in Abu Dhabi: The Islamic Inter-Parliamentary Union (IIPU) should not allow the Western countries to use the Islamic countries’ (political) scenes as bases for pursuing their hegemonistic policies, (because) it is a tradition of God that humiliation is the inevitable fate of those people who rely on the enemies of Islam.

Earlier, Iran had announced that it will not attend the IIPU meeting in protest at the illegality of the meeting and the fact that the issue of the three Iranian Islands in the Persian Gulf - namely greater Tunb, lesser Tunb, and Abu Musa - was supposed to be raised at the meeting.

But after the mediation by Kuwaiti and UAE officials, Iran agreed to attend IIPU meet on condition that the Iranian islands issue would not be raised.

Larijani said that IIPU should try to foster the Islamic unity and foil the hegemonistic countries’ plots meant to provoke division among Muslims.

He said: The union should also campaign against the spread of extremism and divisive beliefs in the Islamic world. The hegemonistic countries supported the extremism to achieve their goals, but now they are facing the repercussions of their wrong policy.

He went on to say that the Islamic nations should not allow the United States and the Zionist regime to undermine the Islamic world through their political intrigues.

The senior lawmaker also commented on the recent regional developments, highlighting the negative role of the U.S. and Israel in regional issues. He added: The U.S. intervention in Lebanon has undermined calm in the country.

On southern Sudan’s referendum held last week on independence from the north, he said: Who does not know that Britain and the Zionists are behind the southern Lebanon’s story to create a new issue in the Islamic region to erode the capabilities of the Muslims?

On the recent collapse of the Tunisian government, Larijani said that the United States and some other Western countries opportunistically shifted their policy and withdrew support for their former ally to pretend they are supporters of the Tunisian nation.

In conclusion, he said today the IIPU should defend Lebanon’s resistance movement and the Palestinian nation against the plots of the U.S. and the Zionist regime.

He said at the end: This meeting should also hear the Tunisian nation’s shouts and help the Tunisian people restore their rights.