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Hezbollah Denies Involvement in Syria Clashes
  Hezbollah on Friday strongly denied media reports accusing the Resistance party of being involved in the ongoing clashes in Syria, describing them as “rumors aimed at inciting sectarian tensions.”
Monday 13 June 2011 15:37
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Hezbollah Denies Involvement in Syria Clashes
BFnews: Hezbollah said in a statement: Lately, some Arab and Israeli media outlets and a number of websites have been circulating rumors accusing Hezbollah of being involved in the military confrontations taking place in some Syrian regions.

Those media outlets, according to the statement, have also reported that some Hezbollah members were martyred in clashes between Syrian security forces and protesters. The party accused certain media outlets of fabricating names of alleged martyrs.

It said the aforementioned media reports were part of the same conspiracy targeting Syria and the resistance movements in the region.

Source : Al Manar