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The meeting of "Justice and World Order" will be held
  The meeting of "Justice and World Order" will be held by speech of Amartya Sen who won Noble Memorial Prize and is professor of philosophy at Harvard university, Tuesday 7 October at Frankfort university in German.
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Wednesday 6 October 2010 14:50
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The meeting of "Justice and World Order" will be held

BFnews: Amartya Sen deals with the issues of world justice in the meeting. "The Idea of Justice" book of Amartya is translated to different languages. 

He believes that injustice in today`s world involeves two different levels of inquality. The first inquality is related to international level and second one is national levels. Need of justice in each levels requires collective wisdom and popular beleif.

Transcendental theory of justice that is interested by Sen has rooted in Enlightenment age and has been reviewed by different philisefors. The theory seeks to define the principles and arrangements for full social justice to have a society based on justice principles.