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Hizbullah Statement:
Obama Speech Very Rude, Bribing Arab Revolutions to No Avail
  Commenting on the Speech of US President Barack Obama in which he tackled the Arab revolutions, Hizbullah issued the following statement:
Saturday 21 May 2011 17:46
Code : 43036
Obama Speech Very Rude, Bribing Arab Revolutions to No Avail
BFnews: The arrogant speech of US President Barack Obama did not surprise us, except in one factor, which is the level of rudeness, impudence and fakery in dealing with many issues. This reveals the reality of the US administration's policies of misleading the public opinion and practicing blackout on the Zionist-American crimes.

The US administration which until yesterday, was the first ally and biggest supporter to the Arab regimes of tyranny and dictatorship that tortured and humiliated their peoples, presents itself today as the dear friend of these peoples, and claims to be concerned about their revolutions. This comes as a desperate and exposed attempt to confiscate the revolutions and deviate it from its path and noble goals that aim at true liberty, dignity, and independence.

It seems that the US, which did not heed from all its disappointments and strategic failures in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries, now tries to catch its breath in an attempt to ride the tide of revolutions, might it succeed in continuing its imperial schemes in controlling, subjugating, and exploiting the peoples.

The despotic and imperial trend of the US administration blinds Obama from realizing that his administration's practices have been exposed before the International, Arab and Islamic public opinion, as well as before the Arab revolutions, the youth generation which is quite aware of the dodgy US conspiracies and which strongly believes in its just causes, just like the previous US administrations were exposed.

Obama's speeches, whether in Cairo earlier or in Washington currently, cannot add anything to his corroding position due to his total bias towards the usurper entity and his permanent enmity with the peoples and their rights and free choices. Otherwise, how can all these justify his continuation in supporting the dictatorships in the Arab world and setting a blind eye to the basic rights of which the UN acknowledged to the Palestinians, particularly the right of the refugees to return and al-Quds issue?

That who wants to present himself as a good example and a supporter to the Arab revolutions and the rights of the peoples in liberation and independence should not have a permanent, perpetual and strategic support to the Zionist usurper entity.

Also, that who wants to encourage reform and change in the world should not have major alliances with dictatorship regimes, and does not resort to the siege policy, pressures, and sanctions against Syria because the Syrian leadership willfully decided to hold reforms far from Washington and its dictations.

The attempt of bribing the Arab revolutions is to no avail. Moreover, claiming tutelage over it (revolutions) has become useless especially that Barack Obama's stance on events in Bahrain and Palestine exposed its ugly double-standard policies and revealed the US administration's hypocrisy and conceit towards the events happening in the Arab World.

Source : Islamic Resistance in Lebanon