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Intl fair of "Resistance, Islamic Awakening and fighting arrogance"
  An international book fair of "Resistance, Islamic awakening and fighting arrogance" will be held in spring with the attendance of national and foreign publishers.
Wednesday 15 February 2012 09:43
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Intl fair of "Resistance, Islamic Awakening and fighting arrogance"
Bfnews: According to IBNA, the international book fair will introduce and present Persian, Arabic and foreign books released in and outside Iran themed on "Resistance, Islamic Awakening and fighting arrogance".

Moreover the book fair will make the visitors familiar with the wave of resistance and Islamic Awakening in international levels and will display the Islamic Revolution, Sacred Defense and cultural coherence as well as the awakening movements in the world. The event will encourage the young generation to research the cultural field of the Islamic Revolution and promote books and reading. 

15 foreign publishers from countries including Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq as well as some European publishers will participate presenting more than 1000 selected book titles in foreign languages.

In other news a book fair of selected Persian books themed on Sacred Defense, Islamic revolution and Islamic Awakening will be mounted.