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Imam Musa Sadr’s “Islamic Economic Approach”
  In his book titled “Islamic Economic Approach”, Imam Musa Sadr draws a conclusion according to which Islam recommends a moderate method in terms of economic issues.
Thursday 14 April 2011 19:08
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Imam Musa Sadr’s “Islamic Economic Approach”
BFnews: “Islamic Economic Approach” is the title of a book written by Imam Musa Sadr in which he elaborates on economic teachings of the Holy Quran, which he says promote moderation.

Consisting of 3 chapters, the book also explains radical differences existing in definition of economy from Islamic and capitalistic perspectives.

The first chapter is a collection of the senior cleric’s articles written in Persian and previously appearing in “Islamic School of Thought” magazine, of which he was a co-founder.

Devoted to his speeches delivered to Islamic movements members during his stay in Lebanon, the second chapter deals with economic themes according to Islamic teachings.

As for the third chapter. Imam Musa Sadr presents two articles highlighting sociological aspects of economy, one dedicated to financial gap between different social classes and the other, concerning the notion of economic justice. He also provides Quran-based alternatives to solve the problems.

It is worth noting that Imam Musa Sadr graduated in the field of economic law from Tehran University. He also pursued seminary teachings to its highest degree obtaining Ijtihad.