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Friday Imam of Qom:
We do not have good visual productions in Mahdism
  Friday Imam of Qom said: We do not have good visual production in Mahdism while in Hollywood many films are produced in this area.
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Monday 9 August 2010 13:09
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حجت الاسلام و المسلمين سيدمحمد سعیدی،
حجت الاسلام و المسلمين سيدمحمد سعیدی،
BFNews: Hojatoleslam Saeidi said in the sideline of Talieyzohor exhibition: I propose to increase visual production, someday speech was effective but today picture comes first.

He indicated: Today, many productions which are produced about Mahdism in Hollywood, demolish fiction aspects of Mahdism. 

He stressed: We should enter in these fields invasively because of our religion and what is our responsibility, and new works should be produced specially in Imam Zaman(aj) field. Saeidi continued: We don't have good production and film in Mahdism while the world work in this issue very much but these exhibitions are useful for transferring opinions.

He stated: People try to know what is the demands of Hazrat Mahdi(aj) from nation and intellectuals show people the way of receiving it.