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Professor of Jameatul Zahra (SA) Women Seminary:
Lack of Imam Mahdi (AJ) the reason for appearance of Babism
  In the sideline of the annual book fair in Tehran, conference on criticism of Babism was held to shed more light on the rejected principles of the faith.
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Thursday 19 May 2011 19:14
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Lack of Imam Mahdi (AJ) the reason for appearance of Babism
BFnews: Hujjatul Islam Seyyed Hadi Salehi, professor of Jameatul Zahra (SA) Women Seminary gave a speech and answered questions on the principles of Babism.

He referred to the birth and development of Babism and also the pseudo-prophets who appeared as the side effect of the faith.

Former manager of Hadi TV said: Lack of knowledge on Imam Mahdi (AS) is the reason for appearance of such faiths.

Then he counted the features for Imam Mahdi (As) who is the savior of the world according to Shi'ism.

The cleric counted some of the features: When people know the features of the real savior of the world, they are not drawn towards fake faiths.

Counting counted the features for Imam Mahadi (AS) referred to in the holy book of Islam as well as the holy Bible and quotes from top Muslim and non- Muslim religious figures.

The promised relevance of the last savior in more than 100 verses of Qur'an, sharing the name and surname with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), facial features, more than 2000 signs which are telling of the relevance of Imam Mahdi (AS), referred to in both Shia and Sunni reference books were some of the features this figure counted for the real savior.

The population of the Babism followers, according to Hujjatul Islam Seyyed Hadi Salehi is about 500000 quoting a survey conducted by BBC.

He also said that the threat of Babism lies in their economical power and the support of Israel for them since they believe in the objectives of Zionism.

Babism is a faith born in 1266 AH by Mohammad Ali Shirazi who claimed to be the last savior of the world called Imam Mahdi (AS) according to Islam.

Source : Taqrib News