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“Russia and the World of Islam” Published in Moscow
  A book entitled “Russia and the world of Islam; historical revision and modern attitudes” by W.Y. Blakernitski and E.W. Zayetsoff and N. U. Ulchenko was published in Russian language in Moscow.
Wednesday 22 December 2010 13:50
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“Russia and the World of Islam” Published in Moscow
BFnews: It is a collection of the speeches presented at the scientific international conference held in November 2006 at the Faculty of Orientalism in Russia’s Academy of Sciences.

History of relations of Russia and Turkey has been investigated in detailed and Islam in Russian and Ottoman Empire has been discussed in another part. The mutual relations of Russia with Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan have also been stressed at the book.

It is a research made on globalization, democracy and religious tolerance in the Middle East and Arab countries and aspects of the mutual relations of Russia with Central Asian governments as well as the complex situation caused through the influences of such relations in Muslim regions of Russia.

The book is written in four chapters namely “Russia and Muslims’ region”, “Islam and today’s political issues”, “political, cultural and historical aspects in mutual relations of Russia and the world of Islam” and “Islam in the history of Russia and Turkey”.

The 479-page book was published by the Faculty of Orientalism and Craft Publications.