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Iran will never be surrender to treat and insult
  President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad insisted that Iran will never be diverted from its true path “even an iota” and that the nation has managed to change hegemonic power’s discourse.
Sunday 12 February 2012 11:32
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Iran will never be surrender to treat and insult
Bfnews: President Ahmadinejad said, speaking at the Saturday assembly of millions of Iranians marking the 33rd anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution in the capital city of Tehran.

“If a country claims to be advocate of democracy but it forge link with the Zionist regime stealthily, it is a big liar,” he said.

All the dictators across the world and region have been created by the US and Zionist regime, Dr.Ahmadinejad said, adding that today they have mobilized their forces against Iran and speak with it using language of force and threat.

He noted that Iran is always ready for talks about nuclear issues based on mutual respect and justice.

However, they convene each day and issue a resolution against Iran, he said, adding that Iran will never surrender to such threats.

“Any strategy otherwise talks is doomed to failure,” President Ahmadinejad said.

Dr.Ahmadinejad made reference to the West’s escalating pressure against Iran over the country’s peaceful nuclear program and argued that the Western powers are in fact against Iran’s progress and they employ the nuclear issue as a pretext to hinder the country’s achievements.

President Ahmadinejad further described that despite their pressures against Iran’s progress, Iranian non-oil exports have made dramatic growth to the extent that Iran’s non-oil exports will hit ۴۳ billion dollars by the end of the current Iranian year (to end on March 20).

He noted that the figure for the pre-Revolution era was 500 million dollars a year.

Non-oil exports stood at 35 billion dollars in the first ten months of the current Iranian year, he said, adding that given the current trend, it is expected the figure will exceed 43 billion dollars by the end the year.

The country’s imports have also declined by five percent in the first ten months, he noted.

On cultural achievements of the government, president Ahmadinejad said that the number of scientific articles before the victory of Islamic Revolution was at most 300 a year, while some 34,800 articles have been registered in international publications during the first five-year of the Fourth Vision Plan.

Stating that Iran is one of the exporters of electricity in the region, Dr.Ahmadinejad added that Iran’s industrial investment until the victory of the Islamic Revolution was only 6,880 billion rials while it stood at 210,000 billion rials by 2005.

President Ahmadinejad has warned of the emergence of a “huge storm of global awakening” that aims to put an end to the hegemony of the Western powers.

Dr.Ahmadinejad called on the Western powers to take heed of the world nations’ demands against the backdrop of the spreading popular movements across the globe.

“The huge awakening is underway. The storm of global awakening is underway. If you do not join the nations, this storm will uproot tyranny and oppression. It is to your interest to be on the side of the nations,” the Iranian President said, addressing the Western powers.

President Ahmadinejad described Marxism and Capitalism as the most tyrannical systems in the entire human history, saying, “Marxism is gone and the sounds of the bones of capitalism being crushed have echoed through the world.”

President insisted that the world is in need of a new order which guarantees justice, righteousness, prosperity, security and dignity for all humans, and argued that such universal governance should transcend all racist stigmas and be based on respect for humanity.

He attributed all the world’s problems to the US domination and Zionist regime's existence as Washington and Tel Aviv have been propping up all the autocratic regimes across the world.

President warned the Middle Eastern countries against the enemy plots to sow discord in the region and urged the regional nations to exercise vigilance against major developments unfolding.

President said that the nations will achieve their rights only when they make efforts and gain foresightedness.

President Ahmadinejad said that the arrogant powers’ interference in national affairs of others will help get the nations nowhere, adding that if they spend a dollar, they expect to plunder as much as hundreds of dollars.

In reference to the World Arrogance attempt to drive the United Nations Security Council to make up for its ominous goals of destroying the Muslim nations under the guise of bringing peace and security, President Ahmadinejad said that they bring nothing to the nations but massacre and destruction.

He expressed surprise at the call for democracy of some regional governments which have never experienced elections during their political life.

He also pointed out that the US and other Western governments are only after their interests and one should never consider them a true friend.

The entire world today want freedom, justice and monotheism, he said, adding that one of the main measures of the Iranian nation is to break ‘modern idol’, that’s to say, the Zionist regime.

He criticized the World Arrogance for jeopardizing the peace and security of the international community by following the demands of the Zionist lobby in Washington and said that the arrogant powers created the idol to govern the world but the idol is rooted in a fiction named ‘Holocaust’.

President Ahmadinejad has announced that the country plans to unveil a series of big new achievements in nuclear technology in coming days.

"The world will witness inauguration of a number of big achievements in the field of nuclear (technology) in coming days," said Dr. Ahmadinejad.

He also underlined that the country's progress and advancement in the field of nuclear technology was achieved despite the pressures of the world arrogant powers, and added all needs of the Iranian nation to the nuclear technology will be met by Iran's talented scientists in the near future.

President said the world has witnessed hegemonic powers use every means to prevent the Islamic Republic from attaining nuclear progress.

“Today, not only has this (Iranian) nation become[a] nuclear [capable nation], but it has also succeeded in meeting a large portion of its needs in this field,” Dr.Ahmadinejad added.