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Muslim Nations Should Form Islamic Government
  The head of the Institute for Strategic Studies has said that the Islamic Awakening needs leaders who would advance the movement in the "Islamic Awakening and Youth Conference" in Tehran.
Saturday 4 February 2012 12:57
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Muslim Nations Should Form Islamic Government
Bfnews: Asa’d al-Turki said, “This is what Imam Khomeini said about obeying the orders of the jurisprudent”. Al-Turki said many verses of the holy Quran underline the need for solidarity among Muslims and “we have gathered here to reach unity”.

Today, the most important responsibility is protecting Islamic Awakening, said al-Turki.

He said all Muslims should try and form an Islamic government. AL-Turki added that there are some obstacles to achieving the goal which include cultural differences and ethnic-sectarian divisions.

He went on to give some tips to create unity among Muslims such as Having a strong intellectual system, Trusting young people, Forming an Islamic Awakening parliament in Muslim nations, Establishing an Islamic university, Establishing an Islamic council, Establishing a research center for strategic studies, Estabklishing an Islamic body tasked with enlightening Muslims, Trying to establish missions in Muslim nations for promoting Islamic culture and Inviting Muslim religious authorities to clarify such Islamic duties as Hajj and fasting.

Some ۱۵-hundred participants from ۷۳ countries took part in the two-day international conference entitled "Islamic Awakening and Youth" in Tehran, Iran.