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Hezbollah Leader calls for unity among Muslims
  Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah has called for Islamic unity and stressed that Iran has played key and vital role in the victories of the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance movements in recent years.
Wednesday 8 February 2012 11:32
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Hezbollah Leader calls for unity among Muslims
Bfnews: Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah speaks via a video link at a ceremony in Beirut, Lebanon, February 7, 2012 Tue Feb 7, 2012 11:53PM GMT. 

In a speech commemorating the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his household) delivered via video in Beirut on Tuesday, Nasrallah called for unity among Muslims and noted, “The arrogant powers do not want unity among Muslims.”

The birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his household) occurs on Rabi Al Awwal ۱۷ in the Islamic lunar calendar according to Shia Muslims, which is Friday, February 10 this year. However, according to Sunni Muslims, it occurs on Rabi Al Awwal 12, which was February 5 this year.

Nasrallah also criticized the efforts to present a negative image of Iran in the region.

“Iran’s only fault is that it overthrew the shah [Reza Pahlavi], a spy for the US and Israel, and restored balance in the region,” Nasrallah stated.

He also hailed Iran’s support for Hezbollah, most particularly during the 33-day war against Lebanon, in which Israel was defeated.

“The resistance in Lebanon achieved the biggest and most important Arab victory against Israel. This would not have been achieved if it were not for Iran’s support… The resistance, which won the [July 12-August 14] 2006 war, would not have been victorious if it were not for Iranian support,” he said.

Nasrallah rejected the claim that Iran is promoting “Shia expansionism” throughout the world and censured the United States for its support of Israel, saying that Washington has only two concerns in the Middle East, “Israel and oil.”

Turning to the issue of Syria, he noted that the US, some other Western countries, Israel, and certain Arab states have made a decision to overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

“The reality in Syria is that there is a government which is still standing. The army supports this government. The media says [that a number of soldiers have] defected. According to what I know, there have been few desertions. The army is still supporting the government. Some Syrians hold demonstrations to show their support for the government,” the Hezbollah secretary general noted.

However, Hezbollah has no role in Syria, and the current situation does not benefit either side in that country, he added.
Source : press tv