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Islamic Countries and Muslims Tour Published
  A new weblog introducing Islamic countries and Muslims around the world was published by a French Muslim.
Wednesday 29 February 2012 14:41
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Islamic Countries and Muslims Tour Published
Bfnews: Gibran Hasnaoui, is doing a ۲-year Muslim world tour and publishes online videos and photos of the life styles, prayers and rituals of Muslims in various countries.

Regarding his project he has said that: "my project is simple, I want to sleep every week in a different mosque, in a different country and interviewing the Muslims wherever I go. To show the reality of Islam through the videos I make and show the Muslims as they are.”

Episodes and photographs of the trip are released weekly on the blog MuslimWorldTour.com. He started his trip from the UAE and now he is Dubai. Next summer (July 2012 ) he will fly to the southern part of the Philippines, in Sulu islands.

He is going to spend the holy month of Ramadan there, and then he continues his trip to more than 50 countries. At the end of his journey he plans to perform the Hajj pilgrimage in Makkah.

Source : Abna news agency