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Former Iraqi Prime Minister:
Iran Revolution lesson to Arab revolts
  Former Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari says the popular uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa should learn the experiences of Iran's Islamic Revolution.
Sunday 18 September 2011 17:39
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Iran Revolution lesson to Arab revolts
BFnews: “The regional nations should know that learning lessons from Iran's Islamic Revolution and using the experiences of this revolution will help create unity,” Jaafari said during his Saturday speech at the first International Conference on Islamic Awakening in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

Jaafari went on to say that the recent uprisings across the Arab world have Islamic foundations, emphasizing that utmost effort should be made to protect the identity of these revolutions.

He described the wave of Islamic Awakening in the region as a “powerful” movement which cannot be influenced or hijacked by foreign countries.

The First International Islamic Awakening Conference opened in Tehran on Saturday.

More than 500 scholars and prominent figures from 80 countries are participating in the two-day event.

The conference will also discuss and analyze the history and basic tenets of the Islamic Awakening as well as figures that have played a role in such movements.

The in-depth study of a unified Islamic front and the issues and problems it faces as well as the goals and prospects of Islamic Awakening are among other topics of discussion at the conference.

Source : Islam Times