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Egyptian researcher:
Muslim countries will not recognize the borders of "Sykes-Picot"
  The Egyptian Islamic scholar Kamal Helbawy asked to drop the borders of Sykes - Picot among Islamic countries, stressing that the Egyptian people consider the Palestinian cause as his own cause.
Wednesday 21 September 2011 16:14
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Muslim countries will not recognize the borders of "Sykes-Picot"
BFnews: In his speech at the second session of the First International Conference of Islamic awakening, Helbawy pointed out that the Islamic awakening faces three challenges, noting that the first is the process of liberalization in both the internal and external forms.

He explained that internal liberalization is from the injustice, tyranny, dictatorship and corruption. The second, he says is from the American, and Zionist and Western domination.

He stressed that this process raised the question of doctrinal mission which he asked the conference to give attention to: Is it permissible to make use of the brutal enemy that comes in with thousands of soldiers to eliminate one tyrant along with his family?

Helbawy added: The other challenge is the integration process and the transition from the disruption to the unity of coordination, cooperation and solidarity.

He continued, saying: It should not be enough for us to say that people wanted to overthrow the regime but we must also add that the people want to drop the borders of Sykes - Picot among Islamic countries.

Helbawy also pointed out that the third challenge is to contribute to the new world order, saying: it is dignifying for our great nation to take the stand of consumption.

In reference to the positions of the former Egyptian regime regarding Palestinian, Helbawy confirmed the welcoming of the Egyptian people by all segments of the presence and frequency of all categories of the Palestinian people on the soil of Egypt, "even Abbas if he adheres", emphasizing that the Egyptian people is in the service of the Palestinian cause.

He also called on everyone to consider the issue of Palestinians in the occupied lands in order to find existing problems in this aspect and to address their cause, stressing that they have not prepared anything yet.

In regard to Syria, Helbawy confirmed the bright past of the people and the government in Syria for supporting the resistance, materially and morally. He called on the Islamic Republic of Iran to fill the void before it is filled by the U.S. and the Zionist entity.

Source : Islam Times