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Firouzabadi, chairman of Iran’s Joint Chiefs of Staff:
Jihad culture should be developed among Muslim nations
  Major General Hassan Firouzabadi has said that the culture of jihad should be developed in Muslim nations which have been experiencing Islamic awakening.
Thursday 16 June 2011 15:20
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Jihad culture should be developed among Muslim nations
BFnews: Firouzabadi, chairman of Iran’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, said on Monday night during an address to a conference on jihad culture and management: According to the Supreme Leader, the Islamic Revolution has given us the culture of jihad as a gift and now jihadists should grant it to other nations.

He added that jihad culture would actually provide a moral support for the people and was an important factor in the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Sacred Defense against Iraq’s war against Iran in 1980s, and safeguarding the Islamic Revolution’s values.

The senior commander went on to say that jihadists should not forget about jihadi principles if they want to find a place among the poor.

He also said that according to the late Imam Khomeini, progress can be made through the promotion of justice in the society and helping the poor.

Firouzabadi stated: The most important principle of jihad culture is adherence to religious values, and this matter will lead to progress and success.

Elsewhere in his remarks the military official emphasized the need to identify the obstacles in the way of jihad culture, saying that the jihad movement has been always hindered and jihadists’ lives have been threatened many times.

He also said that officials should adhere to the principle of jihad culture.