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What is known about Jesus Christ?
  Sayyid Rida Akrami discusses Jesus through Islamic sources. He shows that Islam reveres Jesus; that Muslims love Jesus as the Christians do.
Sunday 9 January 2011 14:32
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What is known about Jesus Christ?
BFnews: Sayyid Rida Akrami discusses Jesus through Islamic sources. He shows that Islam reveres Jesus; that Muslims love Jesus as the Christians do.

1. Jesus was one of the Grand Prophets. The Grand Prophets are prophets Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. The largest religion in the world is comprised of the followers of Jesus Christ. There are over 2 billion Christians in the world while there are 1.5 billion Muslims. He was a prophet who had a beautiful name, spoke elegantly, and had the best manners imaginable. The Quran clearly states that he is still alive: “They did not kill him nor did they crucify him, but so it was made to appear to them.” The Quran also states: “Rather, Allah raised him up towards himself.” He is now living a life full of bliss and waiting for the day when he will return to follow and support the Imam of the Time.

2. Jesus, the son of Mary, had a mother who was truthful, pure, and chosen; chosen by Allah over the women of her age. The Quran has an entire chapter called Maryam (Mary). She was a servant to the temple who was impregnated by a divine angel. Her child testified in the cradle by saying: "I am a servant of Allah. He has given me a book and made me a prophet. He has made be blessed wherever I am." He then stated that he was ordered to pray and give charity as long as he lived. Finally, he was commanded to be nice to his mother.

3. There are two prophets in the Quran who have been given three salutations (peace be upon him the day he was born, the day he dies, and the day he will be raised alive). These two prophets are given tidings of peace on these three important days of human existence. The first of these prophets is Joseph who was martyred by one of the Israelite kings. Imam Husayn mentions him during his epic path towards martyrdom. The second prophet is Jesus who has been labeled as a human without a father, the prophet who the Bible was sent to; a scripture that is put on par with the Torah and the Quran.

4. Will Durant writes in his famous History of Civilization that Islam and the Quran owes a lot to Christianity. The reason that he states this is that Jesus, the son of Mary, is mentioned and respected in the Quran. The Bible is also confirmed by the Quran. Jesus is highly respected in the Quran and in Islamic traditions. Many of his stories are narrated.

5. The book Tuhuf al-‘Uqul is an important book that was written in the fifth century by ‘Ali bin Shu’bah. In this book he compiled the words of the infallibles – the Prophet and Imams of the Ahl al-Bayt. At the end of the book he compiled supplications from Jesus and Moses. He states that these supplications are in congruence with the traditions that were related.

6. Allah addressed Jesus and said: "I am your Lord and the Lord of your ancestors. I am One and I created everything by Myself. Everything is My creation and everything will return to Me.
"Jesus, you are the Christ and you are able to create beings from clay through my permission; you are able to raise the dead through my permission. Therefore, by hopeful of me and fear me; you will not have any refuge other than me.
"Jesus, enliven the remembrance of me through speech; love me in your heart.
"Jesus, be aware in times of unawareness; strengthen graceful wisdom.
"Jesus, you are responsible for others; have mercy on the weak just as I have mercy on you. Do not be angry with the orphans.
"Jesus, treat the weak well, look up into the sky with a portion of your face and call on me, for I am close to you.

7. Allah told Jesus, the son of Mary, about His Messenger and His beloved ‘Ahmad’ who will have a red-haired camel and illuminated face; who will be pure and will be severe with his enemies; who will be brave and will have nobly chastity. Allah stated that he will be a mercy to the universe, will be the leader of the human beings on the day when they will meet their Lord, that he will be the best human to set foot on earth, that he will be the closed Muslim to Allah, that he will be an Arab who did not participate in school, that he will rule in accordance to the divine religion, and that he will be patient in obedience to Allah.

8. Jesus said: Israelites, gather around the scholars even if you have to walk on your knees. Allah will bring dead hearts to life through wisdom just as he has brought dead land to life through rain.

Source : Islam Times