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Hollywood Seeks World Domination by Making End-of-Time Movies
  Hollywood uses art as one of the major means for influencing the audience and makes end-of-time movies seeking world domination.
Sunday 14 August 2011 13:28
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Hollywood Seeks World Domination by Making End-of-Time Movies
BFnews: This is according to cinema expert Seyyed Hashem Ghasemi speaking at a forum on “End of Time in Zionist Cinema”. The session was held Saturday night, August 13, at the 19th International Holy Quran Exhibition.

Mr. Ghasemi said end of the time, cinema and Zionism are the three major factors in the field of art and end of the time and each of them should be discussed separately.

He said God’s main purpose of creation would be realized when the final chapter of the book of existence happens and the end-of-time prophet or Imam would reappear.

The cinema expert said there are many differences in the views of Shia Muslims and Christians concerning the end of time and that Christians try to convince people about their own version of savior.

“Here the importance and power of a medium like cinema is used by the west to influence the audience’s mind. There is a saying in the west that a picture is worth a thousand words. This signifies how important the role of picture and cinema is in captivating the audience.”

He added that the west uses cinema to introduce its own version of the end of time as the truth and the only truth.

Ghasemi then referred to the different types of end-of-time movies, saying there are five types of the genre including mythical, natural, technological, science fiction, and religious. “The religious end-of-time movies are the most ominous because they attack ideas that are usually the bases of a religion. They generally have an anti-human approach. Examples of such movies include “Terror”, “The Omen” and “I Am Legend”.