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Turkey Shias Celebrate Birthday of Imam Mahdi (a.s) in Zeynebiye Mosque
  1177th birthday of Imam Mahdi, Sahib’uz Zaman was celebrated around different countries and cities with ceremonies in Turkey.
Saturday 23 July 2011 14:39
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Turkey Shias Celebrate Birthday of Imam Mahdi (a.s) in Zeynebiye Mosque
BFnews: The most glorious ceremony was done in Zeynebiye Mosque. Ladies, gentleman, children who are Ahlul bayt lovers came together at Zeynebiye to join to celebrations of Imam Mahdi’s birthday.

The program started with Quran read by S. Muhammed Karaduman who is Imam of Ikıtelli Ebu Talib Mosque. Then, it continued with “welcome speech” by Hamit Turan who is Imam of Zeynebiye Mosque. Mr. Turan stated that “Waiting for Imam Mahdi makes people live and encourages people.”

H. S. Abdullah Turan who is the president of CAFERIDER Scholar Association had a speech. He proved some sources and said that “in different religions, it is mentioned that a messiah is being waited. The people who have a religional reletionship and are thinker talk about a messiah.”

The Imam of Bagcilar Imam Ali Mosque, S. Hasan Karabulut told about the features of the people who wait for Imam-ı Zaman. He stated that “Waiting for Imam-ı Zaman means to avoid sins, not having sins.”

The assistant of Dr. Ali Ekber Velayeti, who is the adviser of foreign policy of Ayatullah khamanei, who is the leader of Iran Islamic Revolution, and also the assistant of Ahlul Bayt General Secretary, S. Mustafa Murseli gave a speech and it was translated into Turkish by S. Muhammed Mucahidi who is Imam of Germany Gelsenkirchen Imam Ali Mosque.

The program was continued with strains of Ali Kaçan and poems of Muhammed Karasu and Kenan Bayazıt. Aga Iftihari’s eulogies enjoyed people as well.

The program is ended with Imam-ı Zaman Prayer read by S. Israfil Demirtekin, who is Imam of Netherland Den Haag Ahlul Bayt Mosque, and skyrocket shows.

Source : Zeynebiye