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Quran’s Scientific Miracles Prove Islam as the True Path
  One of the main ways to rescue contemporary man from the crises he is facing is to guide him to the scientific miracles of the Quran so that he can find the true path, which is Islam.
Sunday 15 April 2012 13:13
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Quran’s Scientific Miracles Prove Islam as the True Path
Bfnews: This is according to Egyptian scholar Zaqlul Raqeb Najjar in a paper entitled “Ontological Signs in the Quran and Their Scientific Importance”.

Najjar in this paper stresses that Quran’s scientific miracles are good proof for Islam’s validity.

He writes: In today’s world, many of the media outlets are run by the Zionist lobbies who use the media to ruin the beliefs, ethical values and traditions of human societies, especially Muslims. Hence, it is necessary for Muslims to introduce to the world the true Islam and combat efforts to distort Islam’s image.

According to Najjar, with the scientific advancements that have revealed some of the miraculous aspects of the Quranic verses, the discovered miracles of the Quran can be used to familiarize the world with the light of the Quran.

He cites some of the Quranic references to natural phenomena like stages of creation of heavens, water being the origin of the world, the vastness of the universe, development of human embryo, etc, and said those who have studied the miraculous aspects of the Quran say the Holy Book refers to such phenomena in as many as ۱۰۰۰ verses in over ۴۰ Surahs.

Born in ۱۹۳۳, Zaqlul Raqeb Najjar is a prominent Muslim thinker who has made extensive efforts to promote Islamic culture and civilization in the world. He currently heads the Committee of Scientific Miracle of the Quran and Sunnah, affiliated to Egypt’s Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs.