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Iraqi Shiite Muqtada al-Sadr:
Ulema can guarantee Islamic awakening's success
  Islamic Scholars (Ulema) can guarantee success of the ongoing regional Islamic awakening, preventing it from deviation, the influential religious and political Iraqi personality, Muqtada al-Sadr, said here on Saturday night.
Monday 19 September 2011 18:12
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Ulema can guarantee Islamic awakening
BFnews: Al-Sadr made the remarks in his meeting with Islamic scholars, attending the First International Conference on Islamic Awakening currently being held in Tehran.

“Ulema should oversee the ongoing Islamic revolutions in order to guide them into the right path of Islam,” he stated.

Ruling over the region is the goal of the interference in the affairs of regional countries made by the US, EU and NATO, the cleric said.

Referring to the important roles played by the Founder of the Islamic Republic, the late Imam Khomeini, and the martyrs from al-Sadr family in Iraq against oppression, the ulim added that the ongoing regional Islamic awakening against the US puppets is the continuation of the same ideology.

Al-Sadr advised the revolutionary nations to accept the governance models according to their native-countries' special situations but based on Islam.

Al-Sadr, who is an Iraqi Islamic political leader, in his sermons and public interviews have repeatedly demanded an immediate withdrawal of all US led coalition forces and all foreign troops under the United Nations control as well as the establishment of a new central Iraqi government.

The two-day conference on Islamic awakening started its work here on Saturday, with the speech of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution and with participation of the heads of the three branches of power in the Islamic Republic and more than 600 Muslim thinkers and scholars from over 80 countries.

The Islamic Awakening is a revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests occurring in the Muslim world. Since 18 December 2010, there have been revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt; a civil war in Libya resulting in the fall of its regime; civil uprisings in Bahrain and Yemen; major protests in the occupied Palestine against the Zionist regime, and also in Algeria, Jordan, Morocco and Oman, as well as minor protests in Kuwait, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia and Western Sahara. Clashes at the borders of the occupied Palestine with occupying forces of the Zionist regime in May 2011 were also inspired by the regional Islamic awakening.