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Establishing just order, creates a world full of security and peace for humanity
  President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calls on world peace-seekers to establish an "appropriate order,” saying a change in UN structure is deemed as the first step.
Tuesday 7 September 2010 10:50
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Establishing just order, creates a world full of security and peace for humanity
BFnews: President Ahmadinejad said in a meeting with foreign envoys in Qatar on Sunday: "We believe that this change will happen because it is a necessity.”

"The current arrangement is rooted in unilateral interests and is the outcome of World War I and II. It could not bring sustainable peace and security to humanity during the past 60 years and resolve the Palestine-Israel conflict while it is also unable to settle ongoing problems in Iraq and Afghanistan," he added.

He also stressed the importance of establishing a new world order which would bring real progress to humans, stop genocide and refrain from jeopardizing the fate of humans.

He warned against plots to cause discord in the region, said: "The enemies have sought to dominate the Persian Gulf region for decades because of its importance to the world."

According to Dr. Ahmadinejad, "the West's psychological war is actually aimed at finding markets for their weapons and for justifying their undesirable presence in the region. However, such plots are ineffective thanks to the vigilance of regional states."

Meanwhile, in a separate meeting with Iranian nationals in Qatar on the same day, the president said the current world order seeks to serve the interests of capitalists through the massacre and plunder of nations' assets.

"Today, the only nation that has the ability to establish a just order in the world is the Iranian nation," he stated.

President Ahmadinejad also pointed to failed efforts to "isolate Iran in the region" and said, "Iran has turned into the first regional power. When enemies make a confession of Iran's strength, it means that our country is among top powers in the world."

Iran and Qatar have common plans to resolve regional problems and thwart plots, the Iranian chief executive concluded.