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Manager of Mahdism specialized center:
‪Production of 2000 films on Apocalypse in West from 2002 to 2009
  The manager of Mahdism specialized center informed that 2000 films were produced and 6 millions pages of information were in internet on Mahdism.
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Wednesday 22 September 2010 15:28
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‪Production of 2000 films on Apocalypse   in West from 2002 to 2009

BFnews: Hojatoislam Mojtaba Kalbasi said in the beginning ceremony of academic year of Madism specialized center: The Mahdism issue is very important that many Quran verses and 2 thousands traditions has been stated in the field at Shia and Sunni sources.

He added: Production of many films and abundant information in Internet on Apocalypse show the importance of the issue in the thoughts and ideas of the people around the world.

He continued: 10 years ago, Imam Mahdi (aj) cultural foundation had been established and after that it sensed the importance of training of experts in Mahdism field therefor Mahdism specialized center was established.

He noted that establishment of the center was the answer to the basic needs in the world and added: In the world that there are specialized fields about insects, there must be different fields on Mahdism that it is very important issue in ideological topics and prophecy and Imamat.

Kalbasi reminded: The center is not only scientific center, also it has held different conferences in universities and elsewhere.

He stated: The Mahdism specialized center preaches Mahdavi thoughts and also in the center 12 sites has been launched on the different subjects about Madavi for standing against deviations to those are enthusiastic on the Mahdavi topics can be familiarized from away.