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Iran's parliament speaker:
Libya war repeats Iraq attack scenario
  Iran's parliament speaker slams the West's offensive on Libya, saying the US involvement in the Libya war under President Obama resembles the Bush-era invasion of Iraq.
Friday 1 April 2011 11:17
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Libya war repeats Iraq attack scenario
BFnews: Ali Larijani said on Thursday: It so appears that the Libya scenario is similar o the scenario of confronting with [executed dictator] Saddam [Hussein] in Iraq.

Larijani argued: Because in Iraq they devastated the infrastructure in the first place, imposed sanctions for as while and then launched an invasion with the infantry.

The head of Iran's legislative body denounced the West and the international community's dual policy regarding the violent crackdowns on popular uprisings in the Arab world.

He criticized the United Nations for ordering foreign military intervention in Libya under the pretext of targeting government forces given the world body's silence on the joint brutal repression of protests in Bahrain.

He hailed the wave of popular revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East for exposing Washington's insincerity in its support for democracy and human rights and its preference when it comes to economic benefits and oil revenues.

He went on to say: Obama's address to people exposed behind-the-curtain objectives as they are involved in destroying buildings in Libya so that they can take control of a part of the Libyan territory and through another scheme capture Libya and its vast oil reserves.

He said all this proves that Obama does not differ from his predecessor George W. Bush, whose administration ignited the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Larijani regretted: So much incongruity between slogans and practice for a country like the US, with so many slogans, is so ugly.

Source : Press TV