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President Ahmadinejad:
Ideals of Qods and resistance inseparable elements of IRI foreign policy
  IRI President said in an interview with Lebanon’s Al-Minar TV Wednesday evening that ideals of liberation of Holy Qods and supporting regional resistance movements are inseparable past of Islamic Republic of Iran’s foreign policy for good.
Thursday 25 August 2011 12:47
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Ideals of Qods and resistance inseparable elements of IRI foreign policy
BFnews: The president called one the regional governments and nations asking them to reaming fully alert and conscious against the tricks of the oppressor powers, emphasizing the need for focusing the entire mottoes of the regional nations against the Zionist regime and the hegemony seeking of the United States, warning, “Beware! No one should move in line with the enemy.”

According to the IRNA Wednesday Night News Team, the information website of the Presidential Office further quoted President Ahmadinejad as saying in the interview, “Everyone must assist and contribute what they can so that the problems with which the regional countries are entangled would be solved, and this a both an Islamic and an humanitarian duty.”

In response to a question on priority of the Iranian foreign policy regarding the liberation of the Holy Qods, the resistance movements, and the regional and international developments, he reiterated, “The Qods issue is not merely a major concern for the Islamic Republic of Iran, or for the Arab and the Islamic countries, but a major issue for the entire world nations.”

He said, “Qods is the heart of the Middle East and any power that would exert its hegemony over it can manage the developments in the entire region. The hegemonic powers, the slave sellers, and the colonialist powers that had imposed over 300 years of wars and threats against the world nations had come up with the conclusion before the outbreak of World War I that they needed a new method for the extension of their hegemony over the region, as a key for exertion of hegemony over the entire world. During the course of the World War I, they took advantage of the ignorance and the treachery of some rulers and the weakness of the Ottoman Empire and exerted their hegemony almost over the entire region, save for Iran, thus setting the foundations of establishing a racist and aggressor government.”

The president added, “The Zionist regime was established based on a materialist mentality and is the representative of the oppressor worldview of those who wish to rule over the world based on deception and egotism.”

President Ahmadinejad pointed out that the essence of materialist thoughts can be seen in the behaviors of the Zionist regime, reiterating, “The Zionist regime is commissioned to keep creating insecurity in the region, in a bid to pave the ground for the presence and the interference of the oppressors in the region, and therefore, countering the Zionist regime is always equaled with countering the world oppressor powers, the hegemonic powers, and the slave keepers.”

The president reiterated that liberation of the Holy Qods and supporting the resistance movements would never be eliminated from the top priorities in Islamic Republic of Iran’s foreign policy.

Regarding the Palestinians’ efforts aimed at being recognized at international bodies at 1967 borders, Ahmadinejad reiterated, “Palestine has always existed and the oppressors have been trying in vain to eliminate it and to forge a new regime in its stead. Iran has always considered the Palestinians as the real owners of Palestine.

He reiterated, “The oppressor powers were initially after stabilizing the Zionist regime at the entire land of Palestine, but they faced defeat in the process. Today they are tactically speaking of two a governments’ solution, and if the establishment of a Palestinian Government would be a step towards the liberation of the entire Palestine in the long run, the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes this initiative.”

In response to a question on Islamic Republic of Iran’s evaluation of the ongoing regional developments and distinguishing between the revolutions and the conspiracies, he said, “There is no doubt that the regional nations are dissatisfied with the status quo. The entire opinion polls in recent months show that the regional nations are also fed up with the threats of the global oppression system, lack of freedom, justice and the right to decide their own fate, particularly due to the interference of the aliens, atop which there is the USA. Therefore, the nations’ efforts are aimed at establishment of justice, and are therefore quite natural and sacred.”

Ahmadinejad emphasized that these popular movements and their management must be distinguished and differentiated, reiterating, “In many occasions it is possible that although the essence of the movement might be quite popular, but the important matter would be the management of the movement.”

The president stressed, “There must be harmony between the internal policies of a country and its regional and international policies, in a way that they would be strengthening one another and be in line with each other. Those who demand freedom and free elections inside their own country must counter oppression in foreign policy, as well, because otherwise the intruding aliens would not permit freedom and having free and fair elections.”

Ahmadinejad emphasized, “Everyone must beware that demanding freedom, justice and the right to choose their fates must be in line with countering oppression and the Zionist regime. A supporter of freedom and justice cannot be at peace with the Zionist regime, whose foundations are set on injustice, oppression, and limitation of liberties.”

The president reiterated, “The nations that are after achieving liberty and justice should not due to these demands ignore the need to counter the Zionist regime, or the hegemonic tendencies of the westerners, but on the contrary, these tendencies, too, must be further fortified in their movements.”

He said that the westerners should not be allowed to exert their hegemony in the region, and if there is any problem in a country they should know that resorting to internal conflicts and massacres, from either side would be to the benefit of the Zionists. The regional countries with their rich Islamic and historic backgrounds can solve their problems relying on mutual understanding and harmony.”

In response to a question on foreign intrigues to foment crisis in Syria, Ahmadinejad said, “It is a dream for the westerners that the same thing that happened in Libya would also take place in Syria. The oppressors were never after problem solving in Libya, as they do nothing for God’s sake or for the sake of the humanitarian causes. Their only incentive is money, oil, and exertion of political hegemony. Therefore, the Syrian people, too, should be ware and alert and try to solve their problems based on mutual understanding and the required reforms, knowing that the westerners are after managing the regional crises, even resorting to military moves to reach that end.”

President Ahmadinejad advised the regional governments to recognize their nations rights to have freedom, enjoy justice, and have free and fair elections, and to move based on time schedules, not permitting the westerners to interfere in their internal affairs.

Asked bout the astonishing stand taking of Turkey regarding the regional developments, the president said, “Iran constantly consults and exchanges viewpoints with its Turkish friends regarding the most important regional developments, but we must all be aware that the westerners’ plots are too complicated, and for them, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia, do not matter, as they are opposed to the advancement and development of all of them, or to getting strong of either of them. Therefore, all countries must take special care not to be taken advantage of against any other regional country.”

Ahmadinejad pointed out that the westerners are after exertion of their own hegemony in the region and they intend to pay the price of their intervention out of the pockets of the regional nations.

He added, “In case of Libya, too, instead of holding talks and trying to reach consensus, unfortunately some people in line with the enemy at the UN made the historic mistake and that organ proved that it is a tool in the hands of the colonialists. Of course, the UN Security Council should not have permitted this to happen and they should have appointed a negotiating team, taking advantage of the existing potentials inside Libya. They all the same proved that they are not after problem solving, but after exertion of hegemony resorting to every pretext for it.”