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Millions Commemorate Ashura across World
  Millions of Muslims across the world hold mourning rituals in commemoration of the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (as), the grandson of Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him.
Wednesday 7 December 2011 10:14
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Millions Commemorate Ashura across World
BFnews: Lovers of Imam Hussein (as) across the world gather on the tenth day of Muharram to mourn the Imam who was martyred along with household and friends by the tyrant Yazid, the corrupt leader who ruled under the name of Islam.

In Iraq, millions of visitors pour into the city of Karbala, which carries the holy shrine of Imam Hussein, to commemorate the occasion. Hundreds of Thousands also flock at the holy shrine of Imam Kazem in the city of Kazimiyah.

33 visitors were martyred and more than 60 others were injured as three cars were exploded targeting Ashura processions in Babil, south of Baghdad.
Also in Iraq, ten people were martyred and 30 others were wounded in explosions that targeted Ashura processions.

In Iran, commemorators congregate at mosques for lamenting, poetic recitations of the tragic event or Ta'zieh. They also took part in crowded rallies across the country.

In Bahrain, people took to streets in several Ashura processions across the country. Commemorators assured they were going on by their peaceful anti-government rallies. Authorities on Monday night closed roads leading to Mosques where Ashura ceremonies are held in Muharraq and Manama, preventing people from taking part in the rituals there.

In other cities like Sinabis and Sitra, commemorators staged Ashura processions in the streets. Ashura incident was also symbolized through panoramic scenes in some villages and cities.

In Turkey, hundreds of thousands of people took part in Ashura rallies across the Turkish cities. Huge crowds attended the consolation councils that were staged for the occasion.

Participants called for backing the oppressed across the world especially in Palestine, Yemen and Bahrain.

In Yemen, hundreds of thousands took part in rally in the region of Saada.

The Huthi leader, Abdul Malik al-Huthi attended the rally in which the participants voiced full support to Taez residents who are witnessing fierce clashes between supporters of President Ali Abdulla Salleh, and anti-Saleh protesters.

In Saudi Arabia, tens of thousands of people took part in Ashura Rallies in the region of Qatif. Participant called for the release of the forgotten prisoners who has been jailed by authorities for a long time.

In Egypt, about 3000 people rallied in front of Imam Hussein (as) Mosque in Cairo.

Reuters news agency reported that authorities arrested a group of commemorators because they didn’t have a permit to rally.

In India, the tenth day of Muharram has witnessed crowded rallies in the capital Delhi and other cities.

In Pakistan, crowds took part in consolation councils and Ashura rallies in many cities across the country.
Authorities had late on Monday called the people to follow the real path of Imam Hussein (as).

For his part President, Asif Ali Zardari, addressed Pakistani people, urging them to forgive each other, forget all the disputes and to follow the Islam rulings.

In Afghanistan, consolation councils and processions were staged in several cities.

However, the occasion hasn’t passed peacefully; with twin blasts at shrines, in Kabul and Mazar-i-Sharif, killed at least 58 commemorators.

Source : Al Manar